The Gift – The real horror film of 2015

Do not attach blockbusters such as “Crimson Peak”, do not follow the previous parts like “Insidious 3”, not by a famous director like “The Visit” but “The Gift” is more appreciated than all. set of horror works mentioned above. DocumenTv synthesized from many comments.

In the last weeks of October, the audience witnessed many blockbusters falling horses with poor revenue. Not only that, the movie topped the box office on Halloween is The Martian – a science fiction theme.

Crimson Peak, despite its huge stellar ownership, is skillful, but the quality of the script has many holes. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension receives poor reviews from both audiences and critics because the movie quality is so bad.

3 Review of The Gift - The real horror film of 2015
3 Review of The Gift – The real horror film of 2015

However, there is still a piece worth appreciating when you wait for Christmas blockbusters to be released. There were no horrible demons, no presence of bloodthirsty murderers, but The Gift still created the haunting atmosphere of a true horror movie.

“The Gift” is one of the most watched horror movies of 2015

The Gift opens with the usual motif in contemporary horror movies. The successful couple Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) moved to live in a new house. And then, a friend from the time of Simon’s student Gordon (Joel Edgerton) appeared.

Every day, Gordon gives Simon and Robyn gifts carefully packed with heartfelt and heartfelt wishes. But behind Gordon’s unusual “kindness” is a painful and painful story, the Simon-Robyn couple did not expect this “unwelcome” friend to change their lives. forever.

Robyn, Simon and Gordon

3 Review of The Gift - The real horror film of 2015
3 Review of The Gift – The real horror film of 2015

The gift of The Gift is that the film exploits deeply and subtly the psychology of the character, swept the audience into the whirlpool of fake, skeptical and sinful. The film still creates a vague fear when not using many scary tricks or images of gore and violence.

The most frightening thing in The Gift is how people treat each other. Through the story behind the characters, the film wants to convey to the audience that there are things that are just like a joke to themselves, but if not corrected in time, it will cause incalculable danger to others.

“You think you are done with the past, but the past is not done with you” (You think you are done with the past, but the past is not yet) is one of the haunting quotations The Gift. The line with the film creates a grim circle, a warning for the final gift – a cruel gift to the main character but a gift he should receive sooner than ever!

Joel Edgerton transformed into one of the three main characters of the film – Gordo

The viewer would be surprised to learn that the mysterious Gordo guy who is both pitiful and scary in The Gift is also the screenwriter and director of the film. That is Joel Edgerton, the actor is known through many famous movies like Warrior (2011), The Thing (2011), The Great Gatsby (2013) …

This is Joel’s first feature film in the director’s chair. It can be said that Joel is “the second Ben Affleck” when taking on all three important roles in the same film. From a deep script to a frightening frame of acting or a transformative Gordo, Joel truly conquered the most demanding audience.

For Edgerton, if not exaggerated, it can be compared to film actor Ben Affleck when demonstrating his ability on all three key aspects of a film: director, screenwriter and actor. . As for acting, this is probably one of the works Edgerton has shown best ever.

3 Review of The Gift - The real horror film of 2015
3 Review of The Gift – The real horror film of 2015

Gordo is a person that no one can understand and is the key to creating a growing contradiction in the relationship between Simon and Robyn. Not stopping there, as a screenwriter, Edgerton clearly grasped every little detail of the characters’ personalities and behaviors, and was very skillful in keeping the rhythm in a discreet manner. .

If in the usual horror movies, the audience sees the nature of the characters through chasing and violent scenes, then in “The Gift”, the intense intellectual battle takes place from beginning to end, no a minute of relief. It is this that makes the audience not only stop asking questions, who or what will happen next but also be confused about who will happen to whom.

Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall portray couple Simon and Robyn

Participating in the series of the film is the actor who specializes in the role of comedian Jason Bateman and Iron Man 3’s pink ball is Rebecca Hall. Breaking out of the “stubborn” characters, Jason really made viewers hate the role of Simon – an ambitious successor. Besides, it is necessary to mention Rebecca’s role when playing the role of the character Robyn – a graceful and tough woman, determined to discover the secrets and always find ways to solve her problems.

3 Review of The Gift - The real horror film of 2015
3 Review of The Gift – The real horror film of 2015

In addition, the episodes in the film are dealt with decisively and progressively. The writer has used the technique of “red herring” – the art of deceiving the audience’s thoughts. The development of the story is further away from the viewers’ judgment and ends up with an impressive twist.

But most of all, movie story offers profound cognitive value. Do not create shocking “backstroke” like recent movies, The Gift’s unexpected ending is really worth pondering.

2015 was an unsuccessful year for the Blumhouse empire when the producer’s films, if not miserable, were badly criticized by critics like The Boy Next Door, Insidious 3, Sinister 2, The Gallows, The Lazarus Effect. It seems that Blumhouse is in crisis of movie ideas because of exploiting so many topics.

And The Gift is the only bright spot of the “horror movie prince” this year. On Metacritic – a critically acclaimed professional film review site, The Gift won an impressive 77/100. Moreover, the audience also favored The Gift with a score of 7.2 / 10 on IMDb, a high score with horror movies.

The Gift stands completely separate from movies of the same genre and will continue to compete with the upcoming cult horror movies in order to win the title of “Real horror film of the year”.

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