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Reviews Parasite movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast 2019

Reviews Parasite movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast 2019

I. REVIEWS Parasite movie 2019 by director Bong Joon-ho

Parasite excel from the plot to other elements such as acting, filming and background music. Parasite is the latest film directed by Bong Joon-ho with the participation of actors such as Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam and Lee Jung- eun.

Regardless of the pride of Koreans in bringing the Golden Palm prize at the recent Cannes Film Festival, excellent films from the plot to other elements such as acting, filming and background music.

Release date June 21, 2019
Director Bong Joon-ho
Movie montage Yang Jin-mo
Nomination Cannes Film Festival for Best Actress, MORE
Producers Bong Joon-ho, Kwak Sin-ae, Yang-kwon Moon, Jang Yeong-hwan
Reviews Parasite 2019 movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast

Reviews Parasite 2019 movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast

Just like the movie, Parasite revolves around two families in the opposite situation, while Mr. Park (Lee Sun-kyun )’s family who lives in wealth and prosperity is the opposite, Ki’s family. -taek (Song Kang-ho) is living in poverty, having to do all sorts of things to brush.

After the eldest son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik) was accepted as tutor to Mr. Park’s daughter, the truth of the living creatures began to be exposed blatantly and through it, reflected many problems in society.

After the eldest son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik) was accepted as tutor to Mr. Park's daughter

After the eldest son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik) was accepted as tutor to Mr. Park’s daughter

Parasite Accompanied by clear story lines, end-to-end developments and easy-to-understand storylines, making it easier for viewers to keep track of the main content without feeling bored.

The movie begins with a normal activity of the Ki-kek family and through it, the audience can see their poverty with jokes and bad situations.

The first half of the film, the parasite brings comfort to viewers with funny laughs, natural and close. The true truth has slowly rolled viewers into the film circuit and then the second half.

Parasite revolve around the Ki-taek family

Parasite revolve around the Ki-taek family

The suffocating atmosphere covered the film and the more you watch, the harder it will be for the audience to keep an eye on the upcoming events.

Especially when the truth is at the threshold of being exposed. Throughout the movie are small details with implications that to avoid revealing the content, Moveek will cover in the next article.

Scenarios and transmission are the factors that writers love in Parasite. The movie does not need to be too heavy from the beginning, or take some high-class theme.

Just a very simple idea, associated with the social situation and deployed smartly, attracted popular audiences and critics.

Watching parasitic Parasite, viewers easily recognize the troubling problems in society today, most notably the gap between rich and poor is increasingly different, not only reflected in income. but also in the way of living or how to treat humanity.

No matter how hard Ki-taek’s family is, they never reach the level of Mr. Park’s family and vice versa, no matter how kind Mr. Park’s family is, they still have limits on those. employees, not afraid to show their attitude.

Scenarios and transmission are the factors that writers love in Parasite.

Scenarios and transmission are the factors that writers love in Parasite.

Contributing to the success of parasitic Parasite is the ingenious acting of the actors from the land of Kim Chi.

As the favorite name of director Bong Joon-ho, Song Kang-ho had an ingenious reincarnation as Ki-taek, the father of a poor family, when necessary he could transform into a gentleman, but still can’t get rid of the downstream smell and this is also a good detail in the movie.

Working collaboratively with Song Kang-ho, Jang Hye-jin (as the mother of Chung-sook), Choi Woo-sik and Park So-dam (as Ki-jung), they all have excellent performances.

Each everyone demonstrates the suffering of the characters while living in the cellar and the desire to change their life, enjoy the luxuries, even though their ways are hard to understand.

Reviews Parasite movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast 2019

Reviews Parasite movie directed by Bong Joon-Ho film, cast 2019

On the side of Mr. Park’s family undertaken by Lee Sun-kyun, Jo Yeo-jeong plays the role of wife, Jung Ziso plays the daughter Da-hye and baby Jung Hyeon-jun as the youngest son Da-song, albeit with little soil. acting more than Ki-taek’s family but not acting so faintly.

Especially small details between the couple and Park also help the audience easily recognize the model in a wealthy Korean family. It is impossible to forget Lee Jeong-eun’s acting as a thoughtful butler and hold a parasitic secret that is not inferior to Ki-taek’s.

The Parasite has a beautiful color scheme with an angle of rotation, arranged reasonably well, especially in the living room of the Park family – the place where many interesting episodes take place and is also the place where the best dialogue is in the movie.

The soundtrack is also used appropriately, helping to push up the climax and besides, some silence is enough for the audience to ponder.

Beautiful sight of Parasite movie

Beautiful sight of Parasite movie

The Parasite ends open but does not inhibit and depending on the judgment of the audience, the ending may be positive or negative, or as a friend of the writer who shares, both hope and despair.

And to finish the article, the writer gives the reader some good words in the movie and, of course, does not disclose the content:

“You said this is your home? Yet when they returned, he escaped to hide and hide like a cockroach, they ran down the drain every time the landlord turned on the light. “

“Is it good and rich? No, it’s rich and good.”

“The best plan is to have no plan, because the plan never follows what I mean, or don’t plan it, don’t expect it to happen naturally. When things are out of control, there’s nothing to worry about. ”

TRAILER Parasite – The latest psychological, social drama directed by Bong Joon Ho to the Vietnamese audience

Parasite is the latest movie from director Bong Joon Ho about Korean family and social themes. The film revolves around two completely opposite families: one is extremely rich, and the other always lives in poverty.

They happened to meet and get to know each other after an unexpected event.

The parasite’s first trailer caught the attention of a series of funny and mysterious scenes about two families.

Song Kang Ho, dubbed the current king of Korean box office, transformed into the unemployed father Kim Ki Tae, while Lee Sun Kyun will play the wealthy and successful family boss.

Young actor Choi Woo Shik plays the eldest son of Kim Ki Taek – an important figure linking both families. He became a tutor to the rich daughter and lied to them about his background. Actress Park So Dam takes on the role of Choi Woo Shik’s personality younger sister.

If the movie trailer was curious, the parasite poster made the audience shudder with a somewhat horror image. The characters appear with their eyes covered, next to an unknown pair of legs.

It is not too difficult for the audience to guess the character and status of each character based on their attire, but the relationship between the two families is still ambiguous.

Describing the film, director Bong Joon Ho shared: “The parasite contains the laughter, sadness and tragedy of human society.”

The successful man played by Lee Sun Kyun

The successful man played by Lee Sun Kyun

Regarding the particularly horror name, Bong Joon Ho said the Parasite is just a metaphor that carries a wide range of meanings, and he hopes the film can evoke the different thoughts of the audience.

The film also marks the 4th collaboration of director Bong Joon Ho and actor Song Kang Ho after Memories of Murderers, Han River Monsters and Frost Train. All three films are highly regarded as professional as well as commercially successful.

Although not involved with famous Hollywood names like Bong Joon Ho’s previous films, Parasite still gathers a notable real cast.

Parasite is also the second film directed by Bong Joon Ho to be selected for the award category at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival after Okja in 2017.

II. The truth behind director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite movie

Parasite - What is the truth behind the movie name?

Parasite – What is the truth behind the movie name?

The film of the Golden Palm competition at the Cannes Film Festival in May by director Bong Joon Ho – Parasite parasite causes many confusion and curiosity for the audience after launching the poster and the first trailer.

The most asked question is: “Why don’t we see any Parasite in the trailer?”. Let’s find out the interesting facts behind this buzzing movie of director Bong!

Parasitic Parasite but no Parasite!

After the film of the supernatural element of Bong Joon Ho’s disaster or monsters, netizens believe that Parasite will be a sequel to the Han River Monster.

However, contrary to the expectation that it will be a horror movie full of frightening … Parasite, the producer has released a very cute explanation video to emphasize: “The movie has no worms Any bug or larva, all actors are extremely hygienic! ”.

According to director Bong, parasite is a sarcastic title. “In this sad world, there are times when people can not keep a coexistence or symbiotic relationship, and a group of weak people are pushed into a parasitic relationship.” – Bong Joon Ho talks about the theme of the movie.

Parasitus Film belongs to the genre of family bi-comedy

Director Bong was famous for the way he broke the conventions of the genre, and this Parasite was no exception. His films were often a combination of humor, social satire and Horror thrill, bringing unpredictable surprises.

Bong Joon Ho described parasite as a family comedy, “a humorous but no comedian, a tragedy but no evil man.” Some viewers said the parasite was attached. black comedy genre (black comedy).

The unique character system and the parasite’s sudden reversals can be completely different from the genre of the film, promising to bring audiences from one surprise to another.

In addition, the parasite is also a work that marked the turning point of director Bong’s return when he made a film with a pure Korean context after more than 10 years.

Parasite are produced by top names

After working with the foreign team of the previous two films, director Bong Joon Ho gathered a crew in his dream when he returned to his hometown.

Hong Kyung Pyo, the director of Parasite, is a leading Korean cinematographer. His outstanding works can be mentioned such as The Ice Train Collaboration with the director Bong and Burning collaborating with Lee Chang Dong and The Wailing by director Na Hong Jin.

Artistic director Lee Ha Jun – the veteran name associated with blockbusters including Okja, The Thieves and Maidservant – works by Cannes director Im Sang Soo.

The soundtrack received much praise from audiences and professionals led by music director Jung Jae Il. Designer Choi Se Yeon costume (The Thieves, Mother) and hair stylist Kim Seo Young (Ice Train, The Wailing) will combine to bring each character a special appearance, shown own personality.

In addition, the main context of the film – two houses of two families – was also specially designed to clearly portray the difference between the upper class of the general manager Park’s family and the commoners’ family. Kim Ki Taek family.

III. ANALYSIS Parasite – Stone stories, bugs and basements (SPOILER)

The Parasite parasite is easy to see, but it doesn’t mean the movie lacks the details. Parasite has launched Vietnamese audiences and as expected of the award-winning film at the Cannes Film Festival, director Bong Joon-ho’s latest work has taken viewers away from this surprise. to another surprise.

The film is a combination of many social factors, emotional, sensational, humorous … However, everything is combined harmoniously thanks to excellent storytelling and reasonable psychological transformation of characters.

Parasite express the bitterness of Korean social reality in particular and around the world in general, when the gap between rich and poor becomes too great and class distinctions contribute to incalculable consequences.

Ki-woo, who started the whole series of events. (Photo: IMDb)

Ki-woo, who started the whole series of events. (Photo: IMDb)

The character who leads the whole story is Ki-woo, the son of Ki-taek. With a poor family, unemployed parents, Ki-jung’s younger sister could no longer go to school because she could not afford to pay school fees.

The house was cut off, cutting off the wifi network, Ki-woo’s family was the representative for the bottom layer of Korean society, where the window of the house is on par with the road.

In contrast to Ki-woo’s family, Mr. Park’s family is also 4 people, couple and 2 children, but the situation is completely opposite.

The tall house is wide and the life is rich, there is almost no need to worry about anything except having to hire someone to help with the job but I don’t want to move.

The circumstances of pushing, Ki-woo’s family was hired to work for Mr. Park’s family, and everything started from there.

Although it is easy to see, Parasite still has many details that many of the social quips directed by Bong Joon-ho. Hopefully this article by Moveek will help you understand some of the film’s special images and details.

1. Parasite

Parasitic is a term for non-reciprocal symbiosis between species, in which one species clinging to the other is the host, implying the relationship between Mr. Park’s family and Ki-taek’s family. .

Using fake and deceptive methods, Ki-taek's family had a nice meal. (Photo: IMDb)

Using fake and deceptive methods, Ki-taek’s family had a nice meal. (Photo: IMDb)

Although most of the time, the audience saw clearly that Kiukek’s family lived on Mr. Park’s family, Parasite and heavily dependent on them.

Since Ki-woo was unintentionally introduced as a tutor to Da-hye (Park’s daughter), the Ki-taek family has created a phishing scheme for the whole family to get a job and raise the village. relatives.

Being so impersonal despite being somewhat tired, but they could not stop because they stopped being stuck, stopped being starved to death.

So they are determined to stick to it even if they have to use tricks and intrigue to chase other people. At the end of the film, Mr. Ki-taek becomes a real parasite when living in the basement of that house, he has to go to the house on the night, rummage the refrigerator and find food to live on.

But not only Ki-taek’s family had to live in Parasite, but a wealthy family like Mr. Park’s house could not escape being labeled with Parasite, not only their flashiness and morality. viewers hardly associate that disgusting word to their family.

Park houses live in semi-parasitic style, also called temporary Parasite, which means they can live independently at different levels, when finding a suitable host, they can stick to the host to get nutrition.

They can live independently, do not need helpers, do not need a driver, do not need a tutor. But because Yeon-kyo, Mr. Park’s wife did not know how to cook, did not know how to do household chores, and Park probably did not want to drive himself, the whole Kiukek family had the opportunity to parasitize in their homes.

Basically, they are also the kind of life that depends on the working families like the Ki-taek family.

2. Stone

The stone will bring prosperity to its owner. (Photo: IMDb)

The stone will bring prosperity to its owner. (Photo: IMDb)

In all the details installed by director Bong Joon-ho into the film, the stone is the most prominent detail, representing two different lifestyles of the two families.

The stone was originally given to Min’s family by Min-friend of Ki-woo because it means it will bring prosperity to the owner. Later, it was the stone that started the series of trouble at the end of the film.

At the beginning of the donation, Ms. Chung-sook, Ki-taek’s wife, said, “It is good to give food.”

For wealthy families like Mr. Park, a useless ugly stone can also be a valuable treasure, a miscellaneous picture of a child can also be a work of art by a god. co-created.

But for the Ki-taek family, the stone is simply a stone and watching the decorative stone in the house cannot make them fill their stomach.

The rich people buy money to buy unnecessary things but do not care about tomorrow, but the poor buy a peach and have to be careful because eating peaches cannot be long enough, and even more expensive than other things worth buying .

It is often said that the “burden of rice money”, the “feng shui” stone that brings prosperity implies the physical burden that Ki-taek’s family, though he does not want to, still has to bring.

  • “Why are you holding that stone?”
  • “Because it keeps following you.”

The two lines of dialogue between Ki-taek and Ki-woo show the role of the stone in the whole film. By the time Ki-woo was kicked at the head with a rock by his husband Moon-gwang (the family’s former butler), the image of the poor could have killed a person or a family.

3. The rain

The living conditions of 2 families are completely opposite. (Photo: IMDb)

The living conditions of 2 families are completely opposite. (Photo: IMDb)

Similar to a rock, the rain is an image that helps to push the distance between the two layers and grow. A rain, from the point of view of someone who has money or someone without money.

Can be a disaster or it can be a blessing. We witnessed that rain caused families living on the road like the Ki-taek family to be miserable because of the flooded water, swept away nearly all their possessions and the whole neighborhood had to live in the sky and the earth .

But for families like Park’s family, the rain is what helps reduce pollution, according to Ms. Yeon-kyo. Those who have never lived in a deadlock, will never understand how a big rain though small can affect the night of a family’s sleep.

4. Cockroach

“Now Mr. Park knocked on the door, entered the house. He will hide and run away like a cockroach, ”Mrs. Chung-sook said of her husband to the children when they gathered to eat and drink.

The scene is no different from a bunch of cockroaches on a bunch of leftovers at the landfill. When someone appeared, the cockroaches began to scatter, just like when Mr. Park’s family returned and home.

Cockroaches are species with a very characteristic odor, difficult to clean. Similarly, Ki-taek and perhaps his whole family have the same smell that Mr. Park mentioned to his wife.

The smell of “mop water”, the smell of “subway”, the smell of “basement” or rather the smell of poverty. Ki-taek is often frustrated by this because it reflects a harsh reality that no matter how much imposing clothes he wears, the smell of dirt and impoverished life still causes his roots. and the family makes people like Park recognize and disparage them.

5. Insecticide spray scene

Where the spray of insecticides is, the film accurately describes the circumstances of Ki-kek’s family as well as those of the same situation.

They leave the windows open, the smell of sprays coming into the house, but no matter how much the spray is applied, the insects only disappear for a while and then multiply as densely as before if hygiene conditions are not guaranteed.

Spraying drugs is only a temporary measure and must be done periodically. Poor families like Ki-taek are like insects, can never be destroyed by spraying.

The poverty itself is not born and cannot be lost. If jobs and living conditions are not improved, bugs like the Kiek family will continue to multiply and survive.

Da-song - The youngest son of Mr. Park's family. (Photo: IMDb)

Da-song – The youngest son of Mr. Park’s family. (Photo: IMDb)

6. Basement and window frame

“All the life in the basement, to death, is dead in a basement,” Ki-taek’s family home is like a basement with windows overlooking the road, until they enter Park’s house, they still don’t. Can escape the fate related to the basement.

If you pay close attention, the audience will see the basement window as the beginning of the movie and also the shooting angle, the scene is the end of the whole movie.

The life of the Ki-taek family is associated with a stinking, secretive place, difficult to see the sky and sunshine, where dreams are kept and hope for a better life.

Mr. Park’s lavish house also has a secret basement, where Moon-gwang’s husband lives for four years, working daily to turn on the lights so the house looks like it has an automatic lighting system.

Is this a directive of the director about the comfort of the wealthy life of the wealthy, built, exchanged and paid with the suffering of many others?

7. Morse code

In the film, there are some scenes related to Morse – a type of character encoding using dots (.) And dashes (-) to convey information during the 70s and 80s, especially during the war. .

Will Ki-woo's dream of escaping from poverty come true? (Photo: IMDb)

Will Ki-woo’s dream of escaping from poverty come true? (Photo: IMDb)

The most special scene was when Moon-gwang’s husband gave out the S.O.S signal, but the only person who realized and solved it was Da-song, Mr. Park’s youngest son.

However, the film did not have any details showing that Da-song told his parents about this signal, the Park and his wife did not realize that someone was calling for help under their house. This detail implies a cry for help but no one hears of poor families like Ki-taek.

The dialogue between the Ki-taek couple between the movies clearly shows the director’s social satire: as long as there is concern about money and life, everyone can be “kind” and “generous”.

Like Mr. Park’s family, a family disparages poverty because it has never been in that situation.

8. Making movies

The film uses a lot of angles and how to show the opposite of the two families. Ki-taek’s family is fragile, Mr. Park’s family is easy to trust. For Ki-taek, the film uses a narrow angle of rotation, following the character’s footsteps from outside the door to the house, wriggling down to the toilet.

For Mr. Park’s family, they used a wide angle, a sky, a sunshine, and saw a big wine cabinet as big as the Ki-taek’s living room.

With such a big gap between rich and poor, would you dream of making money to buy the house and save Ki-woo’s father how much of it could come true?

Choosing a sad or hopeful feeling for the character after the movie is over is the audience’s right, but considering the actual circumstances, any choice is really deadlocked.

IV. Parasitic Parasite stormed the hometown of Korea after winning the Cannes Film Festival

Only after 5 days of the Parasite project has made impressive achievements with 3.7 million views and over 30 billion Won in sales.

After receiving the Golden Palm award at Cannes Film Festival, director Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite film was officially released in South Korea on May 30th.

Only after 5 days of the Parasite project has made impressive achievements with 3.7 million views and over 30 billion Won in sales. Can parasitic Parasite overcome the achievement of Extreme Job – blockbusters holding the throne of Korean cinema?

The content of Parasite revolves around two families in opposite classes in society, and their relationship closely resembles a network. Ki-taek (Song Kang Ho) is a husband – father in a failed, non-professional family, he has unpredictable actions and thoughts.

The owner of the upper family – Lee Sun Kyun as director Park – the owner of an IT company with a beautiful wife, Yeon-kyo (Cho Yeo-jeong), takes care of two children and family work.

He is a successful young entrepreneur with a standard personality, but this person is quite sensitive to everything, including the smallest things.

It is impossible not to mention the two talented young actors – Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam with the same appearance, like two real brothers.

The parasite has proven that the film is not only accepted by art critics but also by audiences. The work of director Bong Joon Ho received 9.09 points from journalists on Cine21 and 9.21 rating points from those who watched the movie on Naver page – an almost absolute score.

Below is the clip of the Parasitology backstage for those who are curious about the film, learn more about the special traits of the two opposite families in the film, as well as about the process of Bong Joon Ho and ê The crew created this work.

The production team also took care of the smallest detail of the scene like the green light of fluorescent light in Ki-taek’s vaulted semi-detached house, in contrast to the pleasant warm golden light in the ground. luxury villa of director Park.

Not only being held by talented director Bong Joon Ho, the parasite also includes other top names.

Photo director Hong Kyung Pyo is one of the best cinematographers in the world today, his most prominent works are Snowpiercer, Burning or The Wailing.

Director Bong Joon Ho shared: “I want the film to bring all emotions to the audience.”

V. Cannes Film Festival 2019 – Bong Joon-ho’s parasitic parasite excellently received the Golden Palm Award

The Cannes Film Festival closes with the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) award for Parasite and the Grand Prix given to Atlantics.

Director Bong Joon-ho with the Golden Palm award at Cannes Film Festival 2019 (Photo: THR)

Director Bong Joon-ho with the Golden Palm award at Cannes Film Festival 2019 (Photo: THR)

Last Saturday night, Cannes Film Festival has just closed with the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) award of Parasite by director Bong Joon-ho, the film is scheduled to open in Vietnam from June 21, and the Grand Prix awarded to Mati Diop’s Atlantics.

Quentin Tarantino’s director, Quentin Tarantino, has also received a lot of praise, though he lost the Golden Palm award as the Old Days in …

Hollywood (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood). The last time Tarantino received the Golden Palm was 25 years ago, with Pulp Fiction.

Antonio Banderas received the Best Actor award for lead role in Pain & Glory. In the 8th collaboration with director Pedro Almodóvar, Banderas plays a talented Spanish director who struggles with his illnesses at the peak of his career.

This victory set the stage for Banderas to come to the season and Sony Pictures Classics will make a campaign for the Spanish actor.

Brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne were also honored in the directorial category with the movie Young Ahmed, about a Belgian teenager who followed radical Islamism.

British actor Emily Beecham won the Best Actress award in Little Joe when she transformed into Alice, a scientist who created a genetically modified plant that seemed to have a lot of influence on living organisms.

The Jury Prize was awarded to two films, Les Misérables, by Ladj Ly and Bacurau by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles.

The award-winning Portrait of a Lady on Fire was written by Celine Sciamma and directed. The plot revolves around a young female artist in the eighteenth century who transformed her into a maid of a princess to win her trust but ended up falling in love with her.

With the runner-up award, Diop was the first female director to perform a film to be audited at the festival.

Borrowing supernatural elements, Atlantics is set in the outskirts of Dakar, where workers working at the construction site of the future tower, who have been unpaid for many months decided to flee, seeking a future. Better hybrids by crossing the ocean.

The jury members include Elle Fanning – the youngest Cannes jury, director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favorite, Kelly Reichardt (Certain Women) and Paweł Pawlikowski – the director who won last year with Cold War.

Here is a list of awards:

  • Best script: Celine Sciamma with Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Best actress: Emily Beecham in Little Joe
  • Best Actor: Antonio Banderas in Pain & Glory
  • Best director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne with Young Ahmed
  • Prize of the jury: (belongs to 2 films) Les Misérables by Ladj Ly and Bacurau by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles.
  • Grand Prize: directed by Atlantics, Mati Diop
  • Golden palm: Parasite, Bong Joon-ho directed

Below is a list of 21 entries:

  • Atlantics, Mati Diop
  • Bacurau, Kleber Mendonça Filho và Juliano Dornelles
  • The Dead Don’t Die, Jim Jarmusch
  • Frankie, Ira Sachs
  • A Hidden Life, Terrence Malick
  • It Must Be Heaven, Elia Suleiman
  • Little Joe, Jessica Hausner
  • Matthias & Maxime, Xavier Dolan
  • Les Misérables, Ladj Ly
  • Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo, Abdellatif Kechiche
  • Oh Mercy!, Arnaud Desplechin
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino
  • Pain & Glory, Pedro Almodóvar
  • Parasite, Bong Joon-ho
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Céline Sciamma
  • Sibyl, Justine Triet
  • Sorry We Missed You, Ken Loach
  • The Traitor, Marco Bellocchio
  • The Whistlers, Corneliu Porumboiu
  • The Wild Goose Lake, Diao Yinan
  • Young Ahmed, Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

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