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[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

Information about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales (names in the North American market, or Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge in other markets) is an American fantasy heroic movie in 2017.

Director Joachim Rønning Espen Sandberg
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay Jeff Nathanson
Story Jeff Nathanson, Terry Rossio
Based on Caribbean Pirates of Walt Disney
Cast Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Kevin R. McNally, Geoffrey Rush
Music Geoff Zanelli
Cinematography Paul Cameron
Movie Editing Roger Barton, Leigh Folsom Boyd
Production company Walt Disney Pictures
[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017

This is the fifth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and also a continuation of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (2011).

The film was performed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg from Jeff Nathanson’s script, with Jerry Bruckheimer continuing to be in production.

Three actors Johnny Depp, Kevin McNally and Geoffrey Rush all returned with roles like Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs and Hector Barbossa.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales also starred Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario, with the return of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in guest roles Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, after both of them were not appears in the previous movie.

The filmmakers took the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl ship (2003), as the inspiration for the script as well as the film’s background.

Salazar’s previous vengeance work started before the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was launched in early 2011, with Terry Rossio being the main responsible for the movie script at the time.

By the beginning of 2013, Jeff Nathanson was hired to rewrite a new script for the film, and Depp also participated in the scripting process.

Contrary to the original plan to release the film in 2015, producers decided to drop the film’s release date in 2016, then 2017, due to a number of problems with the script and Film making budget.

The main filming process began in Australia in February 2015, after the government proposed to give Disney $ 20 million in tax incentives, and ended in July 2015.

Salazar revenge was launched in the US on May 26, 2017 with standard 2D format, Disney Digital 3-D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D.

In Vietnam, the film is censored with the C13 label and also launched on May 26, 2017 in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, 4DX and ScreenX formats. The film has been criticized by experts for its complex storyline.

But it has also been praised for its acting, image, music, and sufficient time; Many critics say the film is a step up from the fourth, while others feel that the brand has come to an end.

Salazar vengeance earned a total of $ 767 million worldwide, becoming the fifth highest-grossing film in 2017, by the end of July.

Content of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann with the desire to dispel the curse the Dutch ship clung to his father, decided to leave to find Jack Sparrow.

He wants to ask Jack Sparrow to find the trident of the sea god Poseidon. The life of each other implies that anyone who possesses a mythical treasure will become the hegemon of the ocean, destroying any curse in the open sea.

On the way to find Jack Sparrow, Henry Turner accidentally met Captain Armando Salazar and the Spanish Navy corps.

Armando Salazar, thanks to Henry Turner, will soon retaliate against Jack Sparrow (Cause because in the past, Armando Salazar and his powerful Spanish naval army were searching and destroying pirates everywhere. Young Jack Sparrow was now young.

The current captain before he handed over the compass as well as the mission to continue fighting Armando Salazar, Jack Sparrow successfully chased Armando Salazar and the Spanish naval army to chase and eventually trapped in the demon triangle. with curse forever can’t set foot on land).

On Saint Martin Island, Jack Sparrow and his crew plotted to steal the safe at the bank on the island with a plan to use the horse to pull the safe into the sea.

On the way out, Jack Sparrow met Carina Smyth – an orphan girl studying astronomy but suspected of being a witch and sentenced to death is also on the run. Bank robbery failed, the crew left Jack Sparrow.

In desperation, Jack Sparrow picked up the desk as a table for the owner to change his drink. This also inadvertently freed Armando Salazar and his Spanish Navy corps.

When Jack Sparrow stepped out of the pub, he was captured by the Royal Army. Carina Smyth escaped and ran into Henry Turner, drifting on Saint Martin island with the story of Poseidon’s trident.

At this point, she was also captured by the British Royal Army and taken to the prison to be executed tomorrow morning with Jack Sparrow.

Henry Turner sneaks into jail to meet Jack Sparrow. Henry Turner agrees to rescue Jack Sparrow on condition that he must find the trident and Jack Sparrow to agree.

Henry Turner paid remuneration to the former Jack Sparrow crew to ask them to join him in rescuing Jack Sparrow and Carina Smyth and escaping to the coast.

The whole group went to sea to find the trident. It was not only Henry Turner and Jack Sparrow and the crew, but also Carina Smyth.

She also wanted to find out the location of the trident to better understand her parents’ identity. Carina Smyth reveals that the trident is located on an island where its position is only determined by the Inability map, the stars in the sky.

Armando Salazar is now free at sea. He looted the ships of Hector Barbossa. Finally, Armando Salazar captured the ship of Hector Barbossa.

In order to keep his life, Hector Barbossa agrees to help Armando Salazar find Jack Sparrow’s whereabouts (because Hector Barbossa is holding the compass that Jack Sparrow held at the pub so he can find him).

Armando Salazar and Hector Barbossa eventually caught up with the Steaming Seagull, but Jack Sparrow, Henry Turner and Carina Smyth boarded a small canoe to escape into Hangman Bay.

Because the curse made Armando Salazar unable to land, he was forced to ask Hector Barbossa to take Jack Sparrow back to the bay. At this time, the Royal Navy also caught up with the ship Hai Au Steamed and captured all crew and imprisoned them.

On Hangman Bay, Jack Sparrow meets an old friend – Pig Kelly and is forced to marry his sister – Beatrice.

Hector Barbossa frees everyone and breaks the curse of sending the Black Pearl ship back to the sea. Hector Barbossa delegates the captain to Carina Smyth so that she can drive to the island with the trident.

Jack Sparrow’s crew eventually escaped the Royal Navy and reunited with him on the Black Pearl ship. Through the diary and the ruby, Hector Barbossa realizes Carina Smyth is his daughter but does not let her know.

Armando Salazar’s ship as well as the Royal Navy ship caught up with the Black Pearl ship and Armando Salazar destroyed all Royal Navy ships and captured Henry Turner.

At this time, the Black Pearl ship has reached the island on the map Unreadable. Carina Smyth attaches the ruby ​​to the missing spot on the island’s trident image.

The sea split in half made all of them fall to the sea floor. Armando Salazar and his subordinates also went to the sea floor to kill Jack Sparrow.

Henry Turner cut the trident and all the curses in the sea were broken. At this time, the seawater started to flow down, the seabed road was closing.

Crew on board Black pearl drop anchor to pull the whole group up. Because the number of people is too heavy, it is impossible to pull the anchor up.

Hector Barbossa decided to sacrifice himself to pull Armando Salazar to the bottom of the sea. In this moment, Carina Smyth sees Hector Barbossa’s trident tattoo in the same way as the picture on the diary and she knows Hector Barbossa is her father.

She decided to change her name back to Carina Barbossa. Ending the trip, she joined Henry Turner to reunite with his parents. And Jack Sparrow and his crew continue to sail, Hector Barbossa’s monkey is also on board and returns the compass to him.

In the post-title scene, Will Turner is sleeping with his wife Elizabeth Swann, dreaming that Davy Jones will appear.

Cast in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

  • Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Anthony De La Torre as Jack Sparrow as a young man. [9]
  • Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar
  • Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner
  • Kaya Scodelario as Carina Barbossa / Smyth
  • Geoffrey Rush plays Captain Hector Barbossa
  • Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
  • Golshifteh Farahani as Shansa
  • David Wenham plays Captain John Scarfield
  • Stephen Graham plays Scrum
  • Orlando Bloom plays Captain William “Will” Turner, Jr.
  • Martin Klebba plays Marty
  • Giles New plays Murtogg
  • Angus Barnett as Mullroy
  • Paul McCartney as the pirate (guest)

Manufacturing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

Shortly after the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was released in 2011, the cast and film crew of the film was announced about plans to film the fifth and sixth films of Walt Disney Pictures.

However, the sources later revealed that only the fifth film is in progress. On January 11, 2013, Jeff Nathanson signed a contract for the fifth script.

Rob Marshall, the director of the fourth film, is believed to return to the director’s chair for the new film, but he declined the invitation shortly after choosing Fairy Forest (2014) and The Thin Man as two.

My next work (both Disney projects and participation by Johnny Depp). After Marshall left the project, many names were rumored for the director of the new film, Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Shawn Levy, Chris Weitz, Alfonso Cuarón and Gore Verbinski (director of the first three films). .

On May 9, 2013, sources confirmed Fredrik Bond, Rupert Sanders, and Norwegian duo Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg are all being considered for this position.

Finally, on May 29, 2013, Rønning and Sandberg were formally selected as directors of the film. The decision was made by the Academy Award nomination for the crazy film Kon-Tiki as well as the ability to work with the duo’s limited funding.

Geoffrey Rush commented that both of them will bring “a strong European feeling into the traditional Hollywood brand”, while actor Orlando Bloom believes they will “recreate Simple and enchanting things. “

On August 22, 2013, Rønning and Sandberg revealed the title of the new film will be Dead Men Tell No Tales.

They also confirmed that both were in the process of working, and mentioned Jeff Nathanson’s “funny and touching” script and made it clear that the film will be influenced by the first film, Curse of Black Pearl ship.

Regarding the decision to direct the film, Rønning believes that “everything is available there in the script, and for me, what needs to be done is that in addition to the traditional scenes of Gore Verbinski, brought in. emotions and big action scenes “, and Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are both characters that influence the background of the film.

The duo also wanted to include two new series: “It needs a heart; I really believe this will be the most Emotional Pirates movie ever”, as well as dig deeper into the origin.

Jack Sparrow’s. Actress Kaya Scodelario feels that the movie “will give the feel of the first film more, producers are trying to bring it all back from scratch.

They want it to be an adventure.” save mighty, and meaningful, and solve all problems, and also lead to a new story. “

However, after the lonely Knight movie, a movie also starred Johnny Depp as a similar oddball, causing Disney to lose $ 190 million in 2013, Disney had posing a big question for whether Depp and the brand could continue to make a profit, so the fifth film was reconsidered by the company and it wasn’t until early 2014 that the green light was turned on.

Another problem was that, along with the limited successes that Depp gained outside the Pirate brand, it was about the script, as Alan Horn’s chairman of Walt Disney Studios said:

“We have never seen a scenario that I can approve. There are many possibilities that may affect the final outcome later, so we are all very cautious. “

Because of these issues, the production of the film was discontinued, and the film was transferred from the original release date in 2015 to 2016.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that the script was as well as related issues. The film’s budget was behind this stagnation, and Jeff Nathanson was working on a second script based on a more receptive story: “That’s a complete factor. We want a script. which everyone approves and a budget everyone approves.”

After the script was approved and the film was officially turned on by Disney in July 2014, the film’s release date was pushed back to July 7, 2017.


In 2011, shortly before the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was released, Terry Rossio wrote the script for the fifth part of the film along with his partner Ted Elliott.

Rossio’s draft was later removed. “My Dead Men Tell No Tales version was removed because it had a female villain,” Rossio said again, “and Johnny Depp worried that it would be redundant when the Dark Curse also had a female role.

In January 2013, Disney hired Jeff Nathanson for his screenwriting work. In September of the same year, producer Bruckheimer revealed, “We have a story that everyone likes but the script is incomplete,” and explains that the release date will be pushed back into the summer. 2015.

On April 13, 2014, Johnny Depp said Bruckheimer and Disney had invited him to collaborate with screenwriter Jeff Nathanson. He said:

“The people involved want the script to be accurate and perfect. So we went to do other things. We will still make the film together. I love them very much.

They are really talented. They also have a sense of humor. I think they had a fun approach to what we will do in the next Pirates. It was so happy and proud that I was invited to join the story and work directly with writer Jeff Nathanson – pointing to him and me.

Everything works very well that way. So I put great hope on Pirates 5 because if it is really the last part, and it may be so, then I feel that we owe this movie to the audience who came and watch the movie parts many times. We will do it and finish it in a high note. “


Speaking at Pirates of the Caribbean 4 press conference in Cannes, Depp emphasized that he would be in the role as long as it was popular with the public. In August 2012, the news of Johnny Depp was officially signed for the fifth film, with 90 million AUD for returning to acting.

Like the fourth film, Depp is also in the process of writing the script and planning for Salazar to take revenge.

Geoffrey Rush also commented on his return to the role of Hector Barbossa in the fifth film: “If they continue to transform for this character, of course” as well as implying that he can return to work. villain.

He also said that Barbossa’s paranoia “could explode in a very bad way”. In December 2014, Rush officially confirmed his return in the fifth part, when Barbossa and Jack were “at the heart of it and there will be lots of storylines set.”

In late 2011, four years after the selection will not appear in the fourth film, actor Orlando Bloom revealed that he would love to return in the fifth part if he is offered.

On May 11, 2011, Naomie Harris expressed her desire to return to Tia Dalma if she was called. In September 2014, a few weeks after Disney officially turned on the green light for the film, Bloom stated that there were “debates” about his comeback in the brand.

Bloom then commented on December 2014 while he was unsure whether he would return or not, there were talks going on.

He also secretly revealed that Disney may be relaunching its brand and focusing on Will Turner and his son. After a few months of speculation and after the film closed, Bloom’s appearance in Salazar revenge was confirmed at the Disney D23 event on August 15, 2015.


On January 15, 2014, director duo Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg confirmed that filming would take place in Puerto Rico and New Orleans, and Bruckheimer had previously mentioned that there might be some scenes. spinning is done in Louisiana.

However, the Australian Art Minister George Brandis’ representative confirmed that the fifth film will be shot entirely in Australia after the government agreed to use $ 20 million in tax incentives.

Devoted to the implementation of a 20,000-mile remake of the seabed, thereby eliminating previous filming locations in Mexico and South Africa.

According to sources of the Australian film industry, the pre-period began in late September 2014 with a budget of more than US $ 350 million.

This was confirmed by Disney and the Queensland Department of Arts on October 2, 2014, along with confirming that the film will be exclusively shot in Queensland, Australia, making it the largest ever. filmed in this country.

Village Roadshow Studios and Port Douglas were also selected as two official filming locations. On January 1, 2015, The Rainbow Gypsy, a 15-year-old ship model of a Scottish boat 1897, was sailed to the middle of the Gold Coast to begin the general equipment work, including components made up of the boat. Dead Seagull, a single ghost ship.

Kit Woodward, the captain and owner of the ship, will play a pirate in the film.

Music in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

This is the first film since the Curse of the Black Pearl, musician Hans Zimmer is not responsible for compiling the music for the film.

Instead, Geoff Zanelli, who had worked with all four films before, will be the film’s main composer. Zanelli talks about the success of Hans Zimmer’s composition for the series, “What Hans did for the Pirates series has completely redefined the style of this music genre, which is very satisfying to work with.

With him and producer Jerry Bruckheimer in the previous four films, Salazar avenged for expanding the Pirates universe with many unique and new elements, and I am creating strange sounds for this movie later. years of cooperation in the Pirates world. ” The soundtrack album was released on May 26, 2017.


Salazar revenge was released at Shanghai Disney Resort on May 11, 2017. The original name of the film was Dead Men Tell No Tales, but in some countries, the film was released under the name Salazar’s Revenge, including English speaking country.

The film premiered in Italy and Norway on May 24 and was officially released in the United States, Canada, China, and Vietnam and many other countries on May 26, 2017.

Salazar vengefully is a movie. Hollywood was first released in the US in ScreenX format, at the only two theaters in Los Angeles, California, CGV Buena Park and CGV Cinemas. In Vietnam, this is also the first movie to be released in ScreenX format, with screenings at both CGV Hung Vuong Plaza and CGV Aeon Long Bien screens.

In addition, the film will also be screened at 79 other ScreenX screening rooms in a number of theaters in Korea, China, Thailand, Turkey and Indonesia.

Movies are also released in 4D format at 373 4DX screening rooms worldwide. Salazar revenge is Disney’s third largest cinematic work in the year after Beauty and the Beast and the Milky Way Guard 2.

Ticket office revenue

As of July 23, 2017, Salazar’s vengeance earned a total of 170.6 million USD in the US and Canada markets and 596.6 million USD in other countries and territories, bringing the total revenue to full. demand amounted to 767.2 million USD, compared with production cost of 230 million USD.

The film’s global release is $ 271.4 million from 55 markets with $ 24 million collected from 1,088 IMAX theaters. The film’s sales after six days of launch have increased the brand’s revenue to exceed $ 4 billion.

Salazar vengeance became Pirates of the Caribbean brand’s highest-grossing film. Although domestic sales are low, still predicts the film can earn $ 280 million in profits after analyzing all expenses and movie revenue.

Professional evaluation

Salazar revenge received mixed reviews from experts. On the Rotten Tomatoes evaluation system, the film received 29% of consensus based on 215 reviews, with an average score of 4.7 / 10.

Experts of the site agreed that “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales have proved that no change in director or character Javier Bardem is not enough to drain all the water at the bottom.

This series of brands is sinking. ” On Metacritic, the film has a score of 39 out of 100, based on 45 comments, mostly criticisms. The votes of the audience on the statistics page of CinemaScore for the movie “A–” on the scale from A + to F.

Movie continuation

Shortly before the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was released, much of the news was that Disney was planning to go back to the fifth and sixth parts of the film, although the studio later revealed that only five of the films were The film is in production.

With the official vengeful trailer with Salazar TV commercials being released, many say that this will be the last movie in the brand.

However, on March 4, 2017, director Joachim Rønning stated that Salazar’s vengeance was just the beginning of his last adventure, implying that the fifth film would not be the last film in the series.

The sequel to the Salazar revenge has the appearance of characters Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Davy Jones, most likely in the sixth installment of the series, Will and Elizabeth will be the protagonists of the character. villain Davy Jones.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales – Pirates must be dead

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales will bring you back to the mysterious pirate world, where people try to scientifically explain non-scientific phenomena using anti-scientific methods.

Yet, the absurdity created a charm for the film, the charm of a blockbuster comedy that was turned into a blockbuster effect by Hollywood and immortal remixes that were remixed in the dark. times.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (or Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale), is the fifth part of the long-running series Pirates of The Caribbean.

The reason is that because after part 1 with a series of new ideas, the sequel just for Jack Sparrow to run around on the beach is enough to gather nearly 4 billion USD.

After part 4 was almost a loss of money, Disney temporarily for Jack and his accomplices temporarily guarded for 6 years. Then what will come will come, Jack Sparrow and his comrades will officially re-export and dangerously … eh … let’s assume that as old as asthma.

It will be left to the left if you ask for a fun entertainment movie like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead no tell tales must have deep content, like the type of Jack Sparrow in the movie, claiming that pirates are stupid Don’t ask them to understand science.

Instead, what anyone who loves this series looks forward to is the magnificent water battle scenes, the swordfighting phase is full of humor and the bonus is the scene of beautiful girls they love each other.

I forgot, of course, also to mention the infamous pirate captain Jack Sparrow who was dying to laugh from beginning to end. It may sound difficult, but it has been proven to have money to buy anything.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

If in the beginning of the year Universal dared to spend 185 million USD to direct comedy film to make blockbuster action movies, Disney would not be less poor when approving 250 million USD for director of action film – psychology to make comedy .

The Danish duo directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, who previously only made low-budget indie films, suddenly picked up the golden face, drove the Caribbean Pirate Ship to pass the test.

The biggest ever: seeking to draw audiences to the theater even though they seem to be bored to the neck.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

But for the time being, if you want to resurrect a seemingly deadly series, the most reliable name is Disney.

It’s no coincidence that the House of Mickey Mouse repeatedly released a remake, prequel, and sequel version of its once classic classics and achieved great success.

All have its formula. That formula is respectful to the original and only improves the most essential elements to match the tastes of modern audiences.

That’s why the Disney movies like Star Wars VIII / Rogue One, Beauty and the Beast, Darkness, … conquer the hearts of the audience while Ben-Hur, Alien: Convenant, Ghost Buster, .. heavy bricks. If there is a standard sentence in Europe, there is no need to adjust, but it is no longer standard.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales recreate almost everything that Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of The Black Pearl (ie part 1) once conquered the hearts of the audience.

It is the pirate world always contains the mysterious things that make the audience curious, that is the captain Jack Sparrow very talented and full of humor, which is the epic naval melodious happy eyes.

The difference is that the transition from father to child, the beautiful couple that they still love this time is the descendant of Will Turner and the character who sees the size of a movie is what you will guess. .

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

In this section everything becomes incredibly coincidental when all the main characters in the movie go looking for Poseidon’s trident, supposedly possessing the power to control both the ocean and any break.

Any curse. We have Henry Turner, Will Turner’s son in the previous parts, want to use it to rescue his father from the curse of the Dutch Flying ship.

We have Carina Smyth, an “orphaned” girl, left with a map by her father and decided to find treasure. And we also have Captain Jack Sparrow being pursued by the ghost of Admiral Salazar, listening to Gypsy rumor that only Poseidon’s trident is saving me, so he looked for it and still practically useless as ever.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

In general, the content of the movie is extremely simple and if you like to search for hotels, it is determined that it is as much as sand on the beach, pirate movies, it should be.

Watching the trailer is to determine 99.99% of the screenplay how it will evolve. The remaining 0.01% is for the twist of the beauty of Carina Smyth, but considering the previous 2-3 parts is probably not difficult to guess.

But as I said in the first place, watching the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales, but focusing on the content is extremely wrong.

The best way to enjoy it is to sit and laugh at the super episodes happening from the beginning to the end of the film. But the last part is especially touching, so stop talking to all the emotions.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

I still like Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow style, dirty but funny. I don’t know if I have to get inspired from real life, but the look is really big, but he is really poor, watching the whole trailer even without it.

But it’s still the same after 5 parts, so if you say you’re bored to your neck, I can understand. It must be acknowledged that Disney knows how to choose people, Brenton Thwaites (Henry Turner) is a true father to Orlando Bloom (Will Turner), which means talent only stops at good looks. pale like water.

The only bright spot in the new face is the beautiful sister Kaya Rose Scodelario (Carina Smyth), whose acting ability is said to be relatively salty.

Therefore, the idea of ​​having a good relationship between these beautiful young couples is like salt water, drinking but only thirsty.

This section invites you both Javier Bardem (Salazar) to play a great psychological film about villains. Strictly so, I don’t see it, I just feel that the character of the stupid image is dead but why must I be bitter.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

With the experience of making dozens of superhero movies and buying Lucas Art, which is also famous for its cinematic effects, Disney continues to give us extremely satisfying scenes.

From boat battles with white-shot cannon ships, to an unequal battle between people and ghosts; everything is reproduced with the best perfection that modern cinema can achieve.

If there is no such thing as a space theme movie that can compare with Star Wars, then the pirate theme will not match the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales is also the first series of the series without the participation of renowned composer Han Zimmer. This responsibility was handed back to his disciple Geoff Zanelli, and we continue to enjoy the remix of the classic tunes.

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 - super product in cinema industry

[Review] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 2017 – super product in cinema industry

In short, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales are pure entertainment genres with beautiful girls, beautiful techniques, good music. So if you skip the silly scenario with a hotel like sand on its shores, this is a movie that is worth going to the theater to enjoy with all its impressive water melodies. . If you can’t ignore it … then that’s it.

[spoiler title=”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (released in some countries as Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge)”]
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