The most famous movies about Tarzan

The green forest prince is one of the most exploited cinematic figures in nearly a century with about 70 films large and small. Let’s find with DocumenTv.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

The silent film starring Elmo Lincoln is the first film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ literary work, bringing the character to the silver screen. Pairing with him is the beautiful Enid Markey as Jane. Until now, this is still considered one of the most faithful works of Tarzan with the original, followed by seven other silent films.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)

One of the iconic details from Tarzan’s character is his howling and the audience must wait until the movies have sound to enjoy it. Tarzan the Ape Man is the first of a series of 11 times the handsome actor Johnny Weissmuller plays the prince of the green forest. The film also introduces the monkey Cheeta – Tarzan’s best friend, who is not present in the original text

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Tarzan and His Mate (1934)

When it was born in 1934, the sequel to Tarzan the Ape Man directed by Cedric Gibbons was turned away by the audience at the box office. But over time, Tarzan and His Mate’s critically acclaimed judges are superior to many of the first films. Continuing with the participation of Johnny Weissmuller, the film was chosen by the National Film Institute of America to preserve in 2003 because of the historical elements of culture.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)

After 15 years of absence from the screen, Tarzan reappears on screen and the work becomes special when it is the first color film of the character. Another special thing is that the beautiful character Jane does not appear in the story, but is replaced by Gamage Dean. MGM was very keen to play the film crew to Nairobi, Kenya, to film the film. The project then collected profits of nearly $ 500,000.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)

Although also based on Rice Burrough’s literary principles, the name “Tarzan” is not once mentioned throughout Christopher Lambert’s film – the best known actor in the Highlander franchise and Mortal Kombat later.

The film brought Ralph Richardson to nominate Oscar for a supporting supporting actor when he played Tarzan’s shoulder. This is also the first Tarzan film to be eyeed by the Academy when it also received two other nominations for Best Screenplay and Dressing.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

Tarzan (1999)

Among the animated films about the blue forest prince, Disney’s work must be the most popular public. Tony Goldwyn and Minnie Driver voiced Tarzan and Jane in turn. Due to the animation genre, the film offers many creative details for Tarzan’s climbing ability. In addition, this is the first Tarzan film to win an Oscar. It was in the category of Best Title Song for You Collins, in the Heart of Phil Collins.

7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world
7 most famous Tarzan movies in the world

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Since Tarzan and the Lost City (1998), the audience has only recently been able to enjoy a live-action movie about the green forest prince. The film takes place many years after Tarzan leaves Africa to return to the human civilized world. He is now named John Clayton (Alexander Skarsgård), living peacefully with his gentle wife Jane Porter (Margot Robbie).

However, a mission from the government brought him back to the land of childhood, and pushed him into a merciless war with the commander of the mining team Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz). The film has a budget of up to $ 180 million and is expected to be the start of a new Tarzan film series.

On the occasion of The Legend of Tarzan – Tarzan legend is about to open from July 1, and film publisher will give readers 4 pairs of tickets to attend the movie premiere in Hanoi and HCMC in the evening. June 30. Movie trailer ‘Tarzan legend’ “The Legend of Tarzan” recounts the events after the green forest prince returned to human civilization and married the beautiful Jane.

Tarzan is an American animated film in 1999 adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous Tarzan of the Apes, produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

The film begins with Tarzan’s shipwreck accident and his parents. They washed into a forest in Africa full of evil beasts. After losing both of his relatives because of Sabor’s newspaper, the boy was killed by Kala’s monkey, the monkey had lost his child because of Sabor, saving his life.

Kala brought the boy home, named him and raised him as a child. However, Tarzan never had the love of Kerchak monkeys. Tarzan grows up in a difference with the herd, he only has Terk, the fat monkey and Tantor, the cowardly elephant as a friend.

Tarzan’s life is always so wild if not for one day Professor Porter’s gorilla research expedition appears in this old forest. Accompanied by his beautiful Jane daughter and the evil hunter Clayton. Tarzan and Jane quickly become close. Jane did not hide her intention to bring him back to human civilization.

Gradually Tarzan also began to integrate with the new world. But Clayton ruined Jane’s good desire by plotting to capture all of Tarzan’s “families” for sale. Upon discovering that, Tarzan cannot sit still to harm Kala and the other monkeys.

He was determined to fight to save the benefactors who had raised him since he was just a little boy. Clayton shot Kerchak, whom he wished to accept as a member of the pack. With your help, Tarzan defeats Clayton, saves the monkey family, takes the beautiful Jane and succeeds Kerchak as the leader of the pack.

Comparison between movies and novels

There are many details in the film unlike the story in the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Specifically in the story, Tantor is an old male elephant hated by the inhabitants of the forest, Sabor is a female lion and Terkoz is a male monkey. And Kerchak himself killed Tarzan’s parents and not Sabor. The producers decided to change not only to empower the audience with Kerchak but also to confirm a fact that has been scientifically proven, that gorillas never get angry and become aggressive.

Backstage story

Tarzan’s story has been made into movies and cartoons many times in the history of film industry. In the film chart adapted from the novel, Tarzan is second only to Dracula. This is the 37th longest animated work of Walt Disney. The company has successfully applied the new technique “Deep Canvas” to integrate hand-drawn 2D character images into 3D wallpaper frames.

Not only excellent with beautiful images, Tarzan also brings to the audience the top music works. The touching story of Tarzan’s motherhood has become more emotional when accompanied by the main song of the movie You Be My My Heart. This song earned a gold Oscar, a Golden Globe for Phil Collins in 2000.

The album contains the entire soundtrack of the film also won the Grammy that year with the title of Best Soundtrack Album. In addition, the adventure of green forest boy Tarzan also won many other film awards such as ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Annie Awards, BMI Film & TV Awards, Bogey Awards (Germany), Casting Society of America , Golden Screen (German), Kid’s Choice Awards …

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