What is Lossless Music, where does it listen to music, compare the quality of lossless music and 320kbps?

What is Lossless Music?

Lossless music with the full name is Lossless Music Compression (means music compresses data). Lossless music is a sound term as well as audio compression technology, compressing the quality and compressing data loss. Simply put, this is a good quality music file. Sometimes it can be equivalent to the original CD quality.

What is lossless music, music listening, and comparison of lossless and 320kbps music quality?
What is lossless music, music listening, and comparison of lossless and 320kbps music quality?


What is Lossless? Lossless music is different from regular music?

Lossless music is now widely popular and popular, but there are still many people who still wonder what Lossless music is and what kind of music is different.

Compared to music, we still listen normally. In this article DocumenTV will help you answer these questions.

This is not a category music but just how to format other music files with Lossy music files under mp3 tail format that we still listen to often. Music files in Lossless format bring higher and more realistic music quality than Lossy music files.

What is Lossless? Lossless music is different from regular music?
What is Lossless? Lossless music is different from regular music?

Lossless music relies on sound rules and compresses sound. The input is the original sound of the CD. Because audio data is very diverse and uses a lot of data, this compression is a high hip.

Currently the highest possible compression level of compression without loss of data is about one third of the original volume of the original audio.

In both theory and practice, high-resolution audio is more detailed than low-resolution sound.

However, to evaluate accurately, it also depends on many other factors such as recording quality, sound system (especially DAC – Digital to Analog Converter) and the most important thing is human hearing – when hearing is not good, listening to mp3 with Lossless is the same.

Lossless music relies on sound rules and compresses sound
Lossless music relies on sound rules and compresses sound

Today, with the rapid development of audio technology, recordings with resolutions up to 24-bit, 32-bit with sample rate of 96kHz and even 192khz appear more and more popular. Previously, digital music was often recorded on 16-bit CDs at 44.1 kHz

What is lossless music quality?

To understand and evaluate the quality of Lossless music you need to know the following issues:

PCM (pulse-code modulation) temporarily translated as modulator, meaning that in analog we see 1 frequency of sine expressing sound, but in digital we cannot have sine waves that use different high-pitched “beats” in a continuous way to describe the most accurate sine wave shape)

PCM is characterized by two components:

+ Sample rate: indicates the number of times the audio signal is measured and sampled in one second.

+ Bit-depth: Understand simply, bits are binary codes (0s and 1s) used to create data – or Music files that we download. For digital audio, bit-depth will indicate the number of bits used to store audio signals.

According to the PCM standard, every second of audio is sampled with a sampling frequency of 44.1KHz (44100 times in 1 second); Each sample is expressed by 16 bits of data. That means in 1 minute of music /sound we have:

  • 44100 sampling sessions * 2 left-right channels * 2bytes (16bit = 2bytes) * 60seconds = 10.584,000bytes = 10.1Mb ​​

As we know, 1 CD usually has a capacity of 750Mb, or save 74 minutes of music, so if you multiply the 10Mb number of every minute of music for 74 you will clearly see why it is like that. In short, 1 second of the original sound will have a bitrate of 1411kbps …

What is the nature of Lossless music?

Although the original audio bitrate is 1411kbps, it is not necessary to have enough bitrate to get the original sound because it is difficult to recognize the human ear according to human ear theory. the presence of a certain sound frequency (may be more than 20Khz).

What is a bit-rate?

We often listen to MP3 128 Kbps, 192 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 320 Kbps music … so Bit-rate or Kbps is what ????

Kbps is generally called Bit-rate, Bit-rate is the number of bits that the computer needs to process in a second, a single application of 128 Kbps music requires the computer to be handling 128000 bits per second (because 1 Kbps = 1000 bits per second), similar to 320 Kbps music, the computer must handle a higher level of 320000 bits per second.

Kbps is generally called Bit-rate, Bit-rate is the number of bits that the computer needs to process in a second
Kbps is generally called Bit-rate, Bit-rate is the number of bits that the computer needs to process in a second

Can you conclude that the higher the quality, the higher the Kbps number? I will answer at the end of this section. Now I have a deep analysis of this bit-rate (you can skip), bit-rate in digital music has 3 types:

1, Constant bitrate (CBR): music tracks are popular on online music websites that we call MP3 128 Kbps or 320 Kbps is Constant bitrate encoded (CBR), Constant bitrate is a fixed bit rate, ie, any 128 Kbps music file, the computer always handles 128,000 bits per second from beginning to end. sing …

It is worth discussing that in sections where there is no music (usually the beginning and end of the song) or the sharp and jagged parts of the song, the computer still has to deal with it. logical 128000 bits /second, thus wasting CPU capacity.

There is also an additional song when I was low, which song is not available, but the computer has to use the frame 128,000 bits /second as a result of listening to music without depth. , poor bounce and not true. That takes up the music file.

2, Average bitrate (ABR): This ABR type is more advanced than CBR in that it has the ability to customize bit-rate, ie Different bass music scores, the number of Kbps will be changed accordingly. With soft music, the bit-rate will be low and the music will be strong, the bit-rate will be high.

This will limit the waste of the CPU, make the music sound more realistic, ABR was created to create the bit-rate customizable music just right. The capacity is equivalent to CBR, so the ABR bit-rate customization is not really good.

Because of the bit-rate customization, the ABR’s capacity is a bit lighter than the CBR. In general, this is said to know, but you do not need to care, what is of interest is the following 3 types.

3, Variable bitrate (VBR): The purpose of VBR encoding is to create music files with the best bit-rate customization (The lighter the music, the lower the bit-rate and vice versa the stronger the music, the higher the bit-rate is, generally the most appropriate change.)

It minimizes CPU waste and helps the music to sound deep, bouncing well and relatively realistic. Thanks to optimal bit-rate, VBR music files are smaller than 2 CBR and ABR.

* Note: Since VBR encoding is a bit-rate customization (Kbps is not fixed), we call this type of MP3 MP3 -V (x) with (x) replaced by numbers from 0 to 9.

It is the quality order of VBR with -V 0 = highest quality and -V 9 = lowest quality. For example, with the name MP3-V 0, we understand that it is the highest quality VBR MP3 file, not called 128Kbps or 320 Kbps as in CBR or ABR.

Current popular Lossless formats

Unlike Lossy’s familiar format like MP3, AAC, WMA … Lossless has popular formats: FLAC, ALAC, APE.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) and APE (Monkey’s Audio) are dedicated audio compression formats using electronic algorithms.

Although it is a compressed format, they are compressed with a very good rate, without losing data. FLAC file is about half the size of WAV files (about 5Mb /min). The conversion to WAV format does not lose data.

What is FLAC music?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec which is a format used to compress audio data without losing any signal. The FLAC audio file is kept in good sound quality, but is considerably lighter (only slightly lighter than a WAV).

Due to the high sound quality characteristics, but not too heavy, FLAC is suitable for listening to music every day but also convenient for storage, so many users prefer it. favored.

What is APE music?

APE (Monkey’s Audio Codec) is also a popular format of Lossless. However, APE is only compatible with certain types of devices, so APE decoding is more complicated than FLAC.

What is ALAC?

ALAC also known as M4A stands for Apple Lossless audio code. This is a high quality music file, created by Apple’s data preservation method. Features of ALAC file are similar to FLAC file but not as popular as.

In addition, we can recognize Lossless music through a number of other formats such as TAK, TTA or WAV …

What is 320 Kbps Mp3 music?

High quality music like most of us know MP3 files with the most popular high bit rate Kbps (Kb /s) of 320Kbps, files This music has a capacity of 8MB or more – in short, MP3 320 Kbps.

Who knows about high-quality music is really interested in MP3 320 Kbps, hunting on nhacso or nhaccuatui ah.

What is 320 Kbps Mp3 music?
What is 320 Kbps Mp3 music?

But the fact that “too much for the tofu selling team” is Kbps or file size … does not say anything, the index Kpbs and file size are not the basis for us to evaluate the quality of music files.

Now you will need a “Example” to verify it, ok I will give you immediate proof and always:

Before starting, download this music file to & gt; Click to Download & lt ;, this is the Me Me – Minh Vuong music file with 320Kbps quality and 13MB capacity, the basic parameters you can see below (no need to see also.)

Download, listen and compare with 128Kbps version on Zing Mp3: HERE

After listening, you can see that the 320Kbps version I provided sounds too bad compared to the 128Kbps version of Zing.

Well, let’s confess to you that the 320Kbps MP3 file is “made by me” or is more polite than “fake”, so MP3 320Kbps is considered music High quality is true but it is only true for “real goods” and there are many other music formats for higher quality, which we are fooled is the Kbps index.

Compare music quality Lossless and Mp3 320kbps

Compare the quality of Lossless music and Mp3 320kbps
Compare the quality of Lossless music and Mp3 320kbps

Lossless is like a bowl of pho outside the restaurant, Mp3 320kbps is like a bowl of pho made from instant noodle soup. Looking outside, pho noodles have noodles, beef /chicken, onions, onions …, with basil, vinegar /lemon, garlic, fresh chilli /chili sauce … there is water used for simmering from bones, with amnesty Devotional … there are servants.

Instant noodle package when looking at the image printed on the package also has enough, delicious, instant noodles with spice packs, boiling water or not enough boiling, yes can cook or cover … since then its quality is 128, 256 or 320kbs.

Sometimes you eat equally well, when you are hungry, everything is delicious … When you are not hungry, you have to research, if the same devices that play for both types still find Lossless better.

Mp3 320kbps is a form of removing data from Lossless so that human ears (possibly) are still undetectable /acceptable.

Mp3 320kbps is the form of removing data from Lossless music
Mp3 320kbps is the form of removing data from Lossless music

The sound quality will be “dry” more clearly because when playing back the playback device will use “interpolation” algorithm to compensate for the lost signals.

The advantage is that the file size will be about 10 times smaller (Lossless vs MP3 128kbs), easy to exchange, send online and save memory for compact audio players.

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Lossless music is different from regular music?

High quality standard lossless music (also called “Lossless music”) is the new trend of listening to music by users today because of the ability to reproduce realistic sound with substance. High quality, uncompressed sound quality helps to fully express the sound and tone of the song.

“Love from the first listening” is the sound quality it offers, which can match the playback quality of a CD player of great size.

Unlike compressed music that does not preserve (omit) data such as MP3 /WMA /OGG /ATRAC /MPC …, lossless music compression technology allows preserving data and save 30% of the storage capacity compared to the original CD, making music files of high quality and easy to store and share on the Internet.

With lossy music that we still listen to normally, music files are formed by some people who buy the original CD, then convert it to an electric music file and share on the Internet for many listeners.

However, the problem here is that when transferring from CD to MP3 or AAC format, these music files will be reduced in size significantly. Since then, the sound quality of Lossy files is less than CD.

High quality standard lossless music (also called "Lossless music") is a new trend of listening to music
High quality standard lossless music (also called “Lossless music”) is a new trend of listening to music

Lossless music perfectly remedy this disadvantage. The sound quality of Lossless is comparable to the playback quality of a large CD player.

Unlike compressed music that does not preserve (omit) data such as MP3 /WMA /OGG /ATRAC /MPC …, lossless music compression technology allows preserving data Data and save 30% of storage compared to the original CD.

That making music files of high quality and easy to store and share on the Internet. This is a special feature that attracts lossless players “love from the first listening”.

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How to listen to Lossless music?

With the proliferation of mobile technology and smart software, it is easy and convenient to listen to high quality Lossless music. With a smartphone plus a few simple actions, you can turn your “phone” into a high quality music player.

Listening to high quality Lossless music is easy and convenient
Listening to high quality Lossless music is easy and convenient

The easiest way is to play right from your computer by installing software that supports Lossless music formats like Foobar2000 or Jet Audio . They are all music playing software that can play most flac, ape, wma, mp3 …

It is important that it can play music files with DTS standard, and export to 24bit if your music file is 24bit.

Some professional listeners will want more. The most common solution is to incorporate a digital converter to analog DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and a music transmitter (music streamer).

Where to download Lossless music?

On most ordinary computer and phone devices, you only need to access directly to sources that allow Lossless music downloads to be able to immediately own the versions. This music is in the device.

It is important that your device needs to be a specialized product to play Lossless music or has support tools to open files and play music. Some popular software commonly used to read files and play Lossless music may include Foobar or DAC head.

The Internet is always a huge treasure of information but there are not many websites that offer Lossless music to download. The number of Lossless songs is not much, but the number of music tracks in this format is still increasing.

Top websites in Vietnam that can help you download quality Lossless music include:

  • Nhac.vn
  • Zing.mp3
  • NhacCuaTui
  • Lossless Plus
  • Chiasenhac.vn
  • Losslessvietnam.blogspot.com

In addition, some of the leading websites are known worldwide, providing quality Lossless music:

  • Tidal
  • Qobuz
  • Spotify

Lossless music is shared on a very large network and most are free. Therefore, when you want to own Lossless files to enjoy music in the best way, you will only have to spend a little time and effort to find the music file as desired.

The use of Lossless music will be much more economical than going to the original CD to listen to it, but the quality is not much changed. Not only that, sometimes the quality of the file is comparable to the sound in the original recording disc.

In addition, you can also compress the original music discs you have into Lossless music to store on your computer using the compression tool available in Jetaudio.

The number of Lossless songs is not much
The number of Lossless songs is not much

Through the above article, you know what Lossless music is? And is it different from regular music? Download lossless music for yourself to enjoy realistic sound with high quality, uncompressed audio standards to fully express the sound and tone of the song.

Have fun and have fun with this Lossless music genre.

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