What is EDM music, where does it come from?

The concept of EDM music is possible encapsulated in its own name: Electronic Dance Music . EDM is the common name for electronic music. EDM music has a strong rhythm that was born in the US in 1970, inherited from the Disco music and combined with a little inspiration from Pop, then developed and spread in European countries.

What is EDM, the best EDM music toplist, remix China, EDM music in Thailand?
What is EDM, the best EDM music toplist, remix China, EDM music in Thailand?


What is the reason EDM music is so attractive?

Since ancient times, music has been an indispensable spiritual food in the spiritual life of people. It can touch the deepest part of every human soul, impacting our emotions.

Each music category has its own characteristics and colors. Everyone has their own favorite music genre.

In the past 10 years, a line of music has been warmly received and promoted widely by EDM music.

The widespread popularity of EDM electronic music

From a genre of music that is considered only for bars, discotheques, EDM becomes a powerful wave, catching up with the world trend with Many types of music such as Trance, Dubstep, Electro, Underground …

The widespread popularity of EDM electronic music
The widespread popularity of EDM electronic music

The nature of EDM music is vibrant and youthful so it is easily welcomed by the youth and widely promoted. If you have seen EDM music in bars and discos in the past, in recent years they have been keeping an eye on the event organizers, along with the explosion of social networks, fans can continue Access this music genre in a more popular and easy way through the mass media.

Since 2007, a large number of EDM music festivals have been held in Vietnam to attract the attention of thousands of young audiences.

It can be said that after launching in European and American markets, EDM fever is targeting emerging markets in Asia such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Male …

What is EDM 8d music?

8D Audio means (Eight – Directional), the sound is adjusted to play from 8 directions. You can only experience 8D sound through headphones, especially good quality headphones, you can feel the dimensions of this sound.

When you wear the headset, you will feel the music moving in your head from left to right, then from right to left.

8D Audio means (Eight - Directional), the sound is adjusted to play from 8 directions.
8D Audio means (Eight – Directional), the sound is adjusted to play from 8 directions.

Basically, 8D audio is stereo music that has an effect echoed in the space that makes the audience feel like the sound is spinning around the head.>

With 8D audio videos, listeners do not need to have a loudspeaker or go to the cinema, just a high quality headphone can enjoy it. Great “all around you” sound.

Many YouTube users say they feel like they hear “live music” when watching 8D audio videos.

By sheet Mel Magazine , 8D audio is not the 8D remixes from the beginning but it is made by people Music editing from normal videos with software to split and coordinate audio streams in 360-degree virtual space.

What kind of music does 8D Audio have?

There are many types of music remixed into 8D sound. Especially Kpop music, US-UK. HIT songs are always remade into 8D music by Fans to have a better experience.

There are many types of music remixed into 8D sound. Especially Kpop music, US-UK
There are many types of music remixed into 8D sound. Especially Kpop music, US-UK

Every evening sitting listening to the sounds that move your ears, what will it feel like? More specifically, you can try listening to 8D music while studying or working with high intensity.

At that time, you will be much more focused because you have to keep the brain working continuously, and the left brain is arranged and thinking.

7 main genres of EDM music (electronic music)

EDM includes many popular categories such as House, Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Trip Hop … Let’s find out some of the most prominent music genres :

House Music

Originally from Chicago DJs and producers in the 1980s, House music was designed with a fairly simple structure based on 4/4 music beat, with sound made up of drum machines.

House is a kind of vibrant, mysterious and fantasy music because the typical sounds are drums and bass, contain deep emotions, wild and somewhat gloomy.

House is a kind of music that is vibrant, mysterious and fantasy
House is a kind of music that is vibrant, mysterious and fantasy

With regular, repetitive music, it is possible to divide house music into 8 main types: Progressive house, Tribal house, Deep house, Electro house, Funky house, Latin house, Pro_Tribal house, Vocal Tribal house.

Notable songs can be mentioned: Wake me up by Avicii, Tremor by Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix and Like Mike, If i lose myself by the group Onerepublic gets Remix by Alesso …

In all genres of EDM, House music is considered to be the music genre with the richest tradition of legendary DJs and clubs.

Techno Music

Techno is a branch of electronic music, emerging in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-1980s. With Techno music, the sound of mechanical sounds almost occupy the whole song.

The main electronic devices used in this genre are: Synthesizer, keyboard, electronic drum, sampler and sequencer (also called MIDI Sequencer).

The most powerful sound and melody in dance genres except Hardcore. The melody and sound of this music line are playful and vibrant.

If House is a music that praises people, Techno music is judged by DJs as a kind of praise for machines – “god”, “insensitive”. Techno music can be divided into the following main categories: Techno Dance, Techno Trance, Techno House, HardStyle.

Classic songs can be mentioned as: Jens O- Hello, Hello (Extended Mix), Manian Cinderella (Ryan T. & Rick M. Remix), Macklemore- And We Danced (BB- Project Parteey Bootleg Club Mix) …

Trance Music

Trance music is a type of music that appears later than other types of music in EDM. Trance music is completed with a rich amount of similar sounds and colorful, mesmerizing patterns that bring listeners into a “thoughtful” state.

Trance is considered a music genre not too picky and most popular among all EDM music genres.

Trance music is a type of music that appears later than other types of music in EDM.
Trance music is a type of music that appears later than other types of music in EDM.

After a long time developing Trance music is divided into many categories: Euro /uplifting /hard trance, Progressive trance, Acid trance, Vocal Trance …

Some of the best songs in this genre include: Super Tab – Irufushi, Temple One- Forever Searching (Adam Nickey Remix), Farid- Afloat, Stevy Forello- Shaded Starlight (Temple One Remix) …


Is the music played by the electronic drum TR-808 in combination with other instruments, creating a melody without melody. You can enjoy Electro melody in today’s popular music.


An electronic music genre originating in South London, England, formed in the late 90s.

Dubstep converges strange sounds, bringing illusions from electronic instruments, Bass bass, sometimes comfortable, sometimes rushing to create vitality for the song. This type of music is evaluated by experts as an important art form.


Underground music shows common concepts, respects authenticity, privacy, and creative freedom.

This music is quite familiar to Vietnamese audiences and famous artists like Yanbi, Son Tung … Following this line of music you can be comfortable and free create and drop souls into music melodies.

Drum Bass

Drum bass melody is quite picky to listeners
Drum bass melody is quite picky to listeners

Considered one of the most powerful melodies, Drum Bass emphasizes the role of drums and strong bass bass formed in London in the early 90s.

Drum bass melody is quite picky to listeners but when you feel its melody, it will be infatuated.

Top of the most addictive edm tracks today

Best EDM China Remix music for gamers

EDM Thai Remix music is extremely addictive and addictive

Non-verbal EDM music, free without the best copyright

Market in EDM in Vietnam

In recent years EDM music has grown strongly in Vietnam, well received by young Vietnamese. Vietnam can say is a promising market for this music.

The culmination of the year 2017 is the many cult EDM festivals that have been successfully held, leaving a deep impression on young people like Escape, Music Festival , Future music festival, Vietnam Electronic Weekend , Ravolution Music Festival …

Vietnamese audiences not only have access to EDM products with the participation of world-famous DJs but also many quality EDM songs over time. Vietnamese artists are released to the market like: Y.Ê.U of st.319, Tien Tien’s gong dance , Three fairies of 365 group …. It can be said that Vietnam has become “a promising land” for big names in electronic music.

Unlike other music in the market, EDM music brings magical, mysterious emotions, its sound is combined by many instruments, creating so the melody is fast, vibrant, stimulating people towards freedom, comfort and love of the youth.

EDM music brings magical, mysterious emotions
EDM music brings magical, mysterious emotions

When listening to EDM music, intense vitality in every person seems to be aroused, stimulating people to express themselves naturally. need to pay attention to the surrounding.

Interesting melodies of this genre help people get closer together, dispel fatigue and stress in life.

Hope this article helps you understand EDM music better and why EDM is so popular among young people. DocumenTV does not know how far it will grow but in the coming years it will surely grow and become a musical trend in Vietnam.

Have a moment of relaxation with the vibrant melody of EDM music ..

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