The most funniest episodes Running man including the best and the funniest episode is episode 134: Asian race track – Vietnam, next is the episode 130: The perfect reincarnation.

And the third funniest episode is the 150: Avengers, the fourth humor episode is episode 213: The female villain, next is the extremely intriguing episode 155: The story ghost ….

I. Which funniest episodes Running man? – Which is the funniest one?

So what are the best episodes of Running Man? For passionate young audiences with Korean movies it is impossible to ignore the famous Running Man TV show , a leading Asian TV show in the world that attracts huge fan base.

If you are a fan of this program, right after that you cannot ignore the funny super classic episodes that have been compiled and selected right below to The answer to questions about running man is the most funny.

Running man practice is the funniest, the 28 most funny and funny episodes
Running man practice is the funniest, the 28 most funny and funny episodes

Running Man is known as a popular variety show in Korea, started broadcasting the first episodes in March 2010 so far, the broadcasting time has been over 8 years but perhaps its attraction has not been changed.

Perhaps this is a leading reality TV show in Asia, it not only gets the Korean fans’ admiration, but also has a lot of fans around the world. Known and loved.

In November 2011 Running man sold copyrights in 9 Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong.

Running Man seems to be a reality TV show with the participation of 7 official members: Yoo Jea Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary , HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Joong Ki, Song Ji hyo.

Running Man seems to be a reality TV show with 7 members
Running Man seems to be a reality TV show with 7 members – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

Through each episode of the broadcast, the program will invite some special guests and they will participate in the tasks and challenges given by the program. out, of course these challenging tasks will lead to surprises and unannounced.

Which Running Man Song Joong Ki episodes join? 6 Running Man episodes having Song Joong Ki join in

The attractiveness of this program is mostly from highly motivated tasks, and these members will also change in pairs in each game. play, challenge.

True fans, not knowing that Running Man’s most famous and featured game is a game to tear up the name board, the members will be stuck with a nametag behind my back, who gets torn off the name tag means being removed from the game.

This can say that Running Man’s success is not only thanks to the scripts and investment efforts of the program producer but also the success of the show. cast.

This can say that Running Man's success is not just about scripts
This can say that Running Man’s success is not just about scripts – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

Producer and ekip Running Man has spent a lot of time and effort, to build up the challenge games that were created but could not cover take on the important role of key members.

Humorous people in funny situations, they enthusiastically participate in the games, connecting the program together to bring cheery laughter to the audience fake the most honest way.

The attraction of each episode in the program for everyone is different, please consult the best Running Man episodes, Running man practice is the most funny that we sum up is the best episode.

II. The most humorous and funniest Running Man episodes

The most funny and funny Running Man episodes
The most funny and funny Running Man episodes – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

1. Episode 134: Asian – Vietnamese racetrack – The funniest Running man episode

One of the best Running Man episodes, the most funny is in Vietnam. In this famous episode, along with the participation of 2 guests Lee Dong Wook, Han Hye Jin, beautiful Vietnam is the Running Man’s next destination in the Asian race.

Episode 134: Asian - Vietnamese racetrack - running the funniest man
Episode 134: Asian – Vietnamese racetrack – running the funniest man – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

With interesting challenges, Running Man’s fans have had a satisfying laugh when MC Ji Suk Jin poorly became the least powerful ruler.

The “Asian prince” – Lee Kwang Soo expresses his humorous talent with innate talent in a way that is old but new to betray his comrades whenever and wherever to allow himself to survive to the end .

What’s interesting to make this episode into one of the best, most funny Running Man episodes, is the introduction of the graceful Vietnamese traditional ao dai.

On Korean television, is it really proud? Not only that but the special thing here is that the Running Man Vietnamese fans are more in close contact with the idols themselves.

2. Episode 130: Reincarnation – The funniest episode

Episode 130: The funniest - running man reincarnation
Episode 130: The funniest – running man reincarnation – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

Interestingly, from the episodes name, in this episode, the layout is extremely creative and smart, but somewhat complicated but equally fun, It’s not hard to understand when it comes to the best, most funny Running Man episodes and is rated as the best episode.

Running Man members all have to go through a past life, wearing traditional Korean clothes, interacting with scenes from far away.

In the past, they will be reincarnated, but it is very surprising and interesting that they do not know who they will reincarnate. Editing has created such an interesting and unexpected situation, creating an interesting situation of the whole episode.

3. Episode 150: Avengers – The funniest episode in Running man

Episode 150: Avengers - running man most fun manners
Episode 150: Avengers – running man most fun manners – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

Any viewer who has reviewed this episode really feels extremely humorous and interesting by the situation of the movie. All members are “equipped” by the producers for the legendary esper powers themselves, which confuses some guests from the beginning into the movie.

The program starts to get more interesting as it continues to show strange and scary guests who are frightening to the Running Man members and that fear makes This episode becomes funny and is much more interesting than the previous episodes.

The final ending is also impressive when the audience witnesses the tear-off and thrill of the nameplate between many competitors.

Episode 150: Avengers - running man most fun manners
Episode 150: Avengers – running man most fun manners – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

4. Episode 213: Female villain – The funniest Running man episode

Episode 213: Female villain - running man episode is the most funny
Episode 213: Female villain – running man episode is the most funny – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

With this best, funniest Running Man episode, the most interesting thing in this episode is the appearance of successful actresses in the villain.

The girls have brought “evil” roles to the program to add richness, creating this surprise to other surprises for the main members of Running man.

Even so, it is impossible to forget the lovely charm of the “goose” girls.

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5. Episode 155: Ghost story – Running man episode that is funniest

Episode 155: Ghost story - running any manly episode funniest
Episode 155: Ghost story – running any manly episode funniest – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

For fans who love ghost stories, horror is definitely not to be missed and in addition it will be interesting for this best Running Man episode.

Along the fascinating thrilling situations, contains many unexpected situations that make you hold your breath while watching the movie in the ghost’s house, and wonder what just happened happens for characters.

We can say that this situation is built in a quite smart, ingenious and interesting way to the last minute for viewers not “bored”. .

Episode 155: Ghost story - running any manly episode funniest
Episode 155: Ghost story – running any manly episode funniest – 28 funniest episodes Running man, Which episode that is funniest in Running man? 

6. Going back in time (Episode 116) – The funniest Running man episode 

This is an extremely fun and quite clever episode! Both mini-games and guests are interesting, but the last race is really the most valuable. The experienced and cool actors have to take part in the “muddy” game with the fixed cast of “Running Man”.

Whenever anyone humor yells: “Who sees through the future!”, all participants will be blindfolded to “turn back time” .

And then, they will have to replay the previous scenes like never before. This is a really funny situation when everyone has to actually pretend they’ve just returned a while back.

7. K-Drama (Episode 139) – The funniest episode in Running man

Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee are really cute in this episode. Go Ara tried his best and Lee Yeon Hee also played well in the dodge game, but there was absolutely no clue in the last race, resulting in very funny results.

Of course, while some couples help make games great and romantic, many other “couples” make the audience laugh. (especially “funny” double-shirt case).

8. The last deal (Episode 225) – The funniest episode

Not only extremely funny, this episode also makes you once again “fall in love” with Kim Woo Bin because of his charm and determination to win a burning victory. !

In particular, the “chemical reaction” between Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo is really funny, but few would expect the most unexpected situation to be in last minute! Not to mention, the lovely Lee Hyun Woo also makes this episode more worthy of watching.

9. The strange noona (Episode 238) – The funniest one

Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won are really “strange noona”, and they will make you go from surprise to surprise. Kim Seo Hyung is quite embarrassed, but her comments for Kim Jong Kook are extremely funny.

On the other hand, Ye Ji Won is an extremely funny and interesting guest with his 4D personality. She really is the star of this episode!

10. 100 vs. 100 (Episodes 271 and 272) – The funniest episode in Running man

This is an extremely interesting two-part episode. There are many different groups of people that appear throughout the two parts and they are all really personality.

The lies that the cast of “Running Man” gave out to invite 100 different celebrities to the studio made the audience laugh and laugh.

In addition, trot music can be considered the most surprising finding in this episode! 100 people with 100 unique personalities, and you definitely won’t miss any face!

In particular, a large-scale battle in the history of “Running Man” – 100 100s, will make you “gasp” while watching.

11. Special episode about Busan (Episode 127) – This is the funniest one

This is an interesting episode because Gary seems extremely comfortable and has lots of fun, bringing funny moments to viewers.

In addition to the Busian dialect and the appearance of personality actress Choi Ji Woo, this episode also saw Song Ji Hyo fight hard to bring the team to victory.

The guest set of this episode is also extremely impressive! Do not eat or drink anything while watching if you do not want to choke or choke because laughing too much!

12. Three princesses (Episode 137) – The most humorous episode in Running man

You will definitely have to constantly laugh out loud when watching this episode! Three princesses, including Song Ji Hyo – the princess of “Running Man”, are divided into different teams with the remaining male members.

There have been a lot of fun moments in this episode, especially in games where women have to answer riddles so that their teammates cannot shoot water guns face.

The fact that these princesses really do not care much about the man behind him makes the situation more funny!

13. The ranking race (Episode 160) 

A funny non-guest episode with great friendship moments among members, despite the fact that all must compete with each other in one rating system of the program!

This hierarchy has brought a lot of fun; It shows how the members can still have fun playing even if they are ranked in high or low rank.

14. Pirates of Shinhwa (Episode 161)

Right after episode 160, 161 continues to be an episode that must be seen if you are interested in “Running Man”. But surprisingly, the reason for watching this episode did not come from the cast of “Running Man” but because of the members of Shinhwa!

Obviously, it is not natural that Shinhwa receives much respect as one of Korea’s most successful, and of course, oldest idol groups. !

All those who have never known Shinhwa before will be surprised by how they work together. Their teamwork is unbelievable, and the comical personality of the members also brings many interesting moments.

And for the first time in the show’s history, you will see a guest win absolutely before “Running Man”, all-kill completely all the games , including the final race.

15. Running Man vs. Production team (Episode 178) – The most humorous episode

This may not be the funniest episode, but it can be considered one of the most moving moments of the show over the past 7 years.

The original “Running Man” members were absolutely fun when confronting the production team who always forced them to do this or that.

But after that, they will get your eyes wet when you see how they work together as a truly cohesive team, to achieve together what I want.

They all look towards the same goals, and this is also what all “Running Man” fans will remember when the show ends – finely great team spirit and affection among the members, both the efforts and determination they have spent.

In particular, the river race with paper boats will surely make many people shed tears. We will forever remember these moments, right?

16. Episode 8: Yoo Jae Suk once had a traumatic past

MC Yoo’s honest and new footage was revealed, causing customers to be extremely confused and the audience members were extremely excited.

In this episode, there are many stories that are told and many funny situations are born. First, the alliance of Kim Jong Kook and 2 children. Followed by the members’ past videos.

Especially the feelings of the national MC Yoo Jae Suk about the time before his popularity brought a lot of emotion to viewers.

Besides, the appearance of love-line between rapper Gary and innocent girl Song Ji Hyo has captured the audience’s affection.

17. Episode 69: Grasshopper hunting

Choi Min Soo’s comeback to revenge on Grasshoppers dared to disqualify himself quickly at the first time running Maniac. Guest: Choi Min Soo

This is an extremely challenging grasshopper hunt between the national MC Yoo Jae Suk and the divine Choi Min Soo.

This is the character that caused Running Man members to cry and who just need to scribble is to remove Kim Jong Kook. In this survival war, who will be the winner and who will be tortured to death?

18. Episode 98: Zombie Special – The funniest Running man episode

A place that is strange, wild, remote and without a shadow, the members have been taken there to find out who is the real Zombie and must destroy it to survive.

Speculation, suspicion, deception, and betrayal are both used in this volume. You will feel like being attracted to a movie that is both creepy and mysterious but extremely funny.

19. Episode 163: Stealing Princess Song Ji Hyo’s heart

Not only the Big Bang male participation, but the couple’s love story also makes the fans “excited”. Guest: G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri of Big Bang

It must be said that not only Running Man’s fans but Big Bang fans are also looking forward to this episode and are extremely impressed with the unique amusing situations, wading scenes mud of the idols when they join the battle to win the heart of princess Ji Hyo.

Running Man Big bang with 12 Best & Funny episode , Which episodes does Bigbang join in Running Man?

GD even had to be muddy to get the heart of Princess Ji Hyo. Kang Gary’s first kiss for Ji Hyo also makes this episode become the most unforgettable episodes of Running Man, especially fans who love couples Monday Couple.

List of the best Monday Couple episodes in Running Man 2018

20. Episode 216: World Avatar 

An episode laughs by members’ disguises as Avarta characters. Not only that, they have to go to public places to perform activities to help people with that unique outfit.

Only when they can help people follow the instructions will they complete the task. This is one of the episodes with the most monstrous shaping that makes viewers can’t help but laugh.

21. Episode 1: The opening episode of Running Man

Running Man’s opening episode is relatively favorable with ratting reaching 10% and with Running Man – the new reality TV show in 2010, the rating reached 10% for The first episode is a good start, signaling the near success of this Sunday show.

Running Man introduced to the audience the new program content, the host team has its own strength and charisma.

At the same time, with the participation of two beautiful girls, Lee Hyo Ri and Hwang Jung Eum contributed to attracting more viewers from the audience.

22. Episode 29: PD-nim “power”

In 2011, this is a high ratting volume of the year of 15%, although this episode has no participation of any guests. To have this breakthrough must include the “obsession” of the members for the PD-nim “power”.

With the effort to avoid the “fierce” punishments coming from the director, it has created extremely interesting ‘bad crying and laughing’ situations.>

23. Episode 182 of two boys, Yeo Jin Goo, Im Si Wan and the actress “small and martial” Min Do Hee

With the special appearance of two beautiful men, Yeo Jin Goo, Im Si Wan and the “small but martial arts” actress Min Do Hee with extremely attractive content The guide has brought success to this episode with high ratting volume reaching 15.5%.

This episode has left the fans the impression of fading.

24. Episode 228 Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won

Opening for 2015 Running Man is the couple “talented girl” Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won.

Coming to Running Man in the early days of the year, both stars and audiences had extremely memorable moments when they had to “work hard” to find the safest place in the harsh weather and participate in card games. by placing two identical cards into a strangely stressful pair.

It is with such attractiveness and drama that this episode has achieved ratting up to 17.8%, opening a good start with the 2015 ground of Running. Man promises 1 year of program success.

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25. Episode 73 Jung Young Hwa and Lee Min Jung in Hong Kong

Also in 2011, Running Man invited two extremely hot guests, Jung Young Hwa and Lee Min Jung, to go to Hong Kong to film special episodes.

With the mission of finding ‘Legend of Cuu Long’, two guests and members of Running Man had the opportunity to walk around the beautiful Huong Cang land and interact with enthusiastic fans.

This special episode is not only a bridge to the audience in Korea but also an international audience better understood about the land that once “dominated” the industry. Asia in the 1990s. This episode is the highest ratting volume of 2011 with 19.2%.

26. Episode 97 former famous Korean players, Park Ji Sung and IU 

This is the highest volume of viewers in Seoul in the history of the program. Episode 97 aired in 2012 on the theme of football and the appearance of former famous Korean player, Park Ji Sung and female singer IU.

In particular, in the second part, there was the appearance of the striker Jung Dae Sae and Rio Ferdinand of the team, perhaps this is a great impact to help 97 The rating is quite high when football is the most favorite sport in kimchi country.

27. Episode 121 Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi

In third place with ratting 20.7% is the 2012 episode with the participation of 2 special guests Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi.

At that time Lee Seung Gi had just confirmed to participate in the drama “Gu Family Book” and had planned to release an album, while Park Shin Hye joined after repeatedly receiving requests from the show’s producer. submit.

They participated in the topic of a 007 sniper rifle agent along with members of “Running Man”.

28. Episode 119 baseball stars Chu Shin Soo and Ryu Hyun Jin, actress Jin Se Yeon

Secondly, the episode was also in 2012 with a ratting high of 20.9% with the attendance of famous baseball stars Chu Shin Soo and Ryu Hyun Jin, together with actress Jin Se Yeon.

Cho Shin Soo is a player currently playing for Rangers Texas and he just finished his season at Cleveland Indians and moved to Cincinnati Reds. Ryu Hyun Jin also decided to join the LA Dodgers at the time of recording.

In fact, Chu Shin Soo received a written confirmation of his contract with the LA Dodgers during the recording of “Running Man” and was received by Running Man members. congratulations in the recording.

With a 7-year journey with changing members and a variety of programs, Running Man has become one of the “monuments” of the entertainment industry.

More than 300 episodes are each of the members’ efforts to help the audience have relaxing and entertaining moments of the weekend.

The announcement in 2017 is a sad thing for the Running Man fan, who is the producer who confirmed the end of the show after seven years of broadcasting. .

However, currently the program still exists with the change of the new cast, the attraction is far beyond the previous stage.

These are the best Running Man episodes, the question of “which Running man episodes is the funniest” has been summed up by us, so let’s comment the episode you love the most below now!

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