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What is the Army, Army BTS means, how is BTS’s Fandom name called?

What is the Army, Army BTS means, how is BTS’s Fandom name called?

What is the Army, what does the K Army BTS mean?

Army in English meaning Army, US Army is US Army. However in the Kpop world, K Army also means a fan group of Korean boy band BTS, The Army stands for A: Adorable, R: Representative, M: Master of Ceremonies, Y: Youth and is said to be the most devoted and loyal fan of BTS.

What is the Army, Army BTS means, how is BTS's Fandom name called?

What is the Army, Army BTS means, how is BTS’s Fandom name called?


What is the Army? Origin and meaning of Army

Today, there are countless new terms to refer to certain components or trends. The Army is one of the newly born terms that have been a major influence in the youth community for many years in Korean music.

What is Army? Why was Army BTS born? All will be answered by DocumenTV under the following article.

English translation meaning of Army word

Army means the original is an army, is a powerful force that protects national sovereignty. But recently, the word Army has been changed to another meaning. To imply an ardent fan group devoted to Korean music group named BTS.

Army translates English meaning army, army force.

Army translates English meaning army, army force – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

It is the name that this group gives to their fans and, of course, everyone who loves BTS claims to be Army, so it creates a storm. The trend of youth movement, today referring to Army no one thinks of the army anymore, instead thinking about the fan base of the BTS group.

What is the Fandom Army, Army BTS?

Normally, the fans of each singer have their own nickname, such as in Vietnam, Dong Nhi’s fans are Potatoes, Mr. Hoang Nhac Viet Dam Vinh Heal is Pig Family.

Similarly, in Korea fans of cult groups also have their own nicknames, such as SNSD girl group’s fandom with the name sOne, their fandom super junior is called ELF

Each fandom name has a unique meaning. Similarly, the Army is the nickname of the BTS for its fans. And today, anyone who is crazy about BTS also claims to be the fandom Army.

Army is the nickname of BTS for its fans.

Army is the nickname of BTS for its fans – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

BTS’s Army forces usually fall in their teens, have quite a large number of them, the second best KPOP.

Moreover, the reason for calling BTS fans is Army because every time this group has an event or music activity, their fans will pull the view to the highest level, topping the chart. Music class at home and abroad, has great influence.

Army is also said to be the most dedicated and loyal fan of BTS, because they make everything good towards their idol, so BTS is also very love and cherish this force, always take good words to our fans.

However, if fans are on a limited level, there is no controversy. What is bothering now is that there is a small part of fake, movement, war-making Army soldiers to lower BTS’s reputation.

Others are conservative and persistent, want their idols to be the best. , find ways to demolish and attack other idols and other fandoms in Kpop circles.

That’s why the Army gradually lost its value in the eyes of outsiders, looked down on by outsiders and was given the nickname “ The fandom is most hated in Korea.” National “.

People call Army an extremely crowded group, but extravagant, aggressive and dangerous. Because fans are all looking forward to their idols being praised by many people, but the way A.R.M.Y raises BTS is very difficult to accept.

Which English word does the Army stand for?

If you speak from an English perspective, Army means military, but today, Army has a different meaning, it is considered a group fandom force. BTS Korea, and from Army are dissected:

  • A: Adorable
  • R: Representative
  • M: Master of Ceremonies
  • Y: Youth

When combining these words, we get a meaningful phrase related to BTS. That is to highlight the lovely features of team members.

Moreover, the Army also means strong, BTS is confident with this name, they will be able to fight all difficulties and hardships on the way. towards its peak.

K Army, what is the I Army for BTS?

So far, there are no Korean fandom to tear off their fans like BTS. Army is divided into several groups. K Army and I Army.

It can be explained that, K Army is an intimate word that BTS is for Korean fans, and I Army is a general fan of international fans. . K Army stands for K-Diamonds Army.

The I Army stands for I-Lovelies Army. For Chinese fans, the nickname is C-uties and fans from Japan are called Jems.

K Army is an intimate word that the BTS is for fans in Korea

K Army is an intimate word that the BTS is for fans in Korea – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

The public laughs that A.R.M.Y tore up its fandom. But it is undeniable that thanks to this, BTS always has a huge fan base in the places where the group comes to each new product launch, receiving a warm welcome from the fans.

How does Army mean to BTS?

Army is a powerful fandom force, which is very meaningful for the BTS group, because the loyalty and enthusiasm are always directed to the group. To express our deep gratitude, the boys in the band regularly hold events to express their gratitude to their fans.

Because these guys know, their success is not natural, a big part is thanks to the Army behind their support on every journey of conquest. music.

Without the Army, they won’t be available today. It can be said, Army plays an absolutely important role indispensable in the career path of BTS.

Although the BTS boys are always busy with their schedules and activities in the country, BTS always takes the time to interview the press.

In an interview with a magazine, they have made good words to the Army and said the importance of the Army to the group. Besides answering about your plans and upcoming activities.

BTS for love for Army

No matter where you go or what you do, despite your acceptance speech, even if you confide in BTS fans, you still want to give the sweetest things to your fans. It can be said, how are fans of Bangtan, Bangtan loves fans the same way.

On September 23, BTS had a recording for Mnet M’s special stage! Countdown lasted from 4:30 am September 23 until 4:15 am on September 24, although they worked hard but the fans cheered on them.

There are fans nearby, BTS is more powerful and energetic, they complete a great show like thanking their fans. During the recording, BTS prepared lunch, steak, bread and water for you.

There are fans nearby, BTS is gaining more power and energy

There are fans nearby, BTS is gaining more power and energy – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

When mentioning BTS’s incredible overseas popularity, V said, “Through the world tour, we can meet fans all over. The world and every time I stand on stage I think, “Fans really love us”. Since the tickets in the tour have sold out, I feel very grateful and proud. ”

Later, Rap Monster added, “Recently, we have recognized the popularity of BTS and we really want to thank.

We especially felt it on the Billboard Music Awards when there were many fans coming to congratulate the group. We want to express our gratitude to the international fan community, who are always working hard to send us their love. ”

The group of 7 boys also experienced their love of meeting artists at the Billboard Music Awards. V said, “I was very happy to be able to talk directly to The Chainsmokers because they are artists I really admire.”

Suga also agrees, “Meeting the Chainsmokers is really a memorable memory. I think it will be fun to work with them in the future. ”

In addition, BTS members also revealed which artists they want to collaborate with. V called Drake the artist he wanted to work with while Jungkook called Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Troye Sivan.

Rap Monster chooses a few Korean artists, “As usual, I want to work with Younha as well as Lee Sora and Tablo. In addition, I was recently interested in Bolbbalgan4 and Ahn Jiyoung. About international artists, it would be an honor to work with Drake or Nas. ”

Fandom is very meaningful for this BTS group.

Fandom is very meaningful for this BTS group – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

Suga is someone who doesn’t reveal the identity of any artist: “I want to work with many artists. They don’t even have to be musicians. I want to work with artists in many different ways. ”

Jin is simpler when choosing B1A4’s Sandeul as the artist he wants to work with while Jimin is humble to say, “Right now, I’m still pointing want to continue working hard with team members. ”

Finally, to talk about their love for fans, V replied, “We show our love to our fans very often because Army is very precious. Price for us and we are always grateful to them.

Above all, we do it because we really love our fans. ” Jin concluded the interview and said, “Now we are in this position also brought by Army. We will not be able to do anything without them ”.

During that time, BTS was having many activities to celebrate the 4 years of their debut. Hopefully in the future, this group will be more successful and have more memories.

Running Man Full guest list from the beginning until 2018 – Korean reality game show

Why is Fandom – Army BTS hated?

It is not natural for Army to be hated so much. But because there are a number of Army units today that are wild, aggressive and dangerous, always looking for ways to step on other people’s idols helps their idols go up.

Because of that, Army has a reputation for being known as the most infamous fandom force KPop. And why do they think they’re aggressive, wild? Please answer DocumenTv!

Army has a reputation and is known as the most infamous fandom force KPop

Army has a reputation and is known as the most infamous fandom force KPop – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

Idol fantasy

As a fan, everyone wants their idol to be praised and praised. But the Army’s way of upgrading BTS is too ridiculous, unacceptable.

The name “artist of millions of copies” is also the name set by the fan management company of BTS.

But the funny thing is, the millions of copies here are the sum of all the record sales so far. While for other artists, the number of million copies only counts the sales of an released album.

Despite the opposite of public opinion, BTS fans are wildly commenting on group and other group articles to show off and exaggerate the stature of gods. yourself.

Moreover, BTS fans are blatantly claiming that, now is the era of BTS. The early self-conceit of this fledgling group made public opinion discontent and prejudice.

Other artists offensive

In the beginning of June, Epik High member Tablo posted on his personal page a picture with the word “run”, to suggest that this is the song will be performed in the group’s upcoming concert.

There is nothing to discuss when fans BTS suddenly attacked Tablo’s Instagram with vulgar words, accusing Epik High of stealing the “run” song of the BTS only. simply because these 2 songs are the same name. Meanwhile, Epik High’s first run, which has not yet been a full year, has been born 6 years ago.

And most recently, after BTS’s MV was suspected of copying SHINee’s MV, BTS fans were frantically attacking the members of the group named Key. , he was put on a personal account to a chat group on kakaotalk and was persecuted for messages from early morning for a long time.

Warlike army

It seems that today, Army is living with its name. They are one of the fandoms who always go to war and fight with other fandoms.

Their form of war is extremely vulgar, they smear other people’s idols, ridicule them with posts, belittle fans of other artists and follow that comment of obscene words in idols’ personal pages.

When the Beast – fan of Beast is in a very sensitive stage because of rumors about the internal group, even though it is not my story, the Army often makes fun of it. Beauty.

At the end of 2015, the fuss between EXO-L, EXO’s fan name, and Army, BTS fans attracted the attention of public opinion. Jungkook member face transplant photo of BTS was released to social networks. The “suspect object” is immediately demarcated by EXO-L by the Army.

The above is just one of three reasons why other fandom have a bad impression of Army. Even though there were representatives who apologized, the other fans still had the attitude of alienating the Army because they only wanted to be safe.

The Army defames their idols

The extravagant, inadequate way of thinking and the self-arrogance of the Army turned them into enemies of all kpop fans. Whenever they talk about BTS, they will not think of simply being a group, but what they think is that the fan base is out of place with the unacceptable actions attached.

Idol admiration is not wrong, but their way of doing it actually goes beyond the limit. The lack of verbal and action-driven fans will pull the reputation of BTS down, no longer respected in the world music entertainment too.

The Army has turned them into enemies of all kpop fans.

The Army has turned them into enemies of all kpop fans – What is the Army, Fandom Army BTS means?

As mentioned above, loving idols and protecting them is not a mistake. However, the way of expressing your feelings with idols, the Army needs to adjust now.

Whether being an idol, anyone must be civilized and polite, must have knowledge to help his idols be praised, it is one true fan.

Hopefully through this article, readers will understand more about what the term Army is, Army BTS means as well as what Army does and faces. .

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