Humphrey Bogart – Humphrey DeForest Bogart (New York, New York, December 25 of 1899 – Los Angeles, California, 14 months of 1957) is an actor in film and American cinema.

The cynical and moral style of many of his characters, the eternal cigarette always between his fingers and his unusual gallant status is one of the most memorable traits in the film. he.

According to the list of American cinema, is considered the most important male star in the first hundred years of American cinema.

Humphrey Bogart - Famous American movie actor
Humphrey Bogart – Famous American movie actor

Humphrey Bogart’s biography

He was the eldest of three children of a marriage founded by Belmont DeForest Bogart surgeon (1867-1934) and graphic artist Maud Humphrey (1868-1940). His life changed when, at Philips (Massachusetts) Academy, he met friend William Brady, son of theater producer William A. Brady, who encouraged him to become a theater actor. He wanted to study medicine at Yale University, but he was expelled for rebellion.

First World War

Later, he joined the Navy to fight in World War I and was appointed sailor for the USS Leviathan. In 1918, the ship was attacked by a submarine and a torpedo touched it and could not sink it. A chipped piece of wood jumped up and ripped his mouth, forever affecting his words.

Humphrey Bogart actor

When he returned, he was hired as an administrator at the film and theater company World Film Corporation, owned by his father’s friend.

His way of talking and looks, not commensurate with the classic style of the era, hindered his start in his career as an actor. Since 1922 (when he first appeared on stage in The Ruined Lady play) until 1935, he only performed minor interventions on stage and in some films.

Among the supporting roles that Bogart made had his appearance in Three Lives of a Woman (1932), a film that greatly influenced his career as it helped eliminate him from anonymity.

Actor Leslie Howard, the star of the Petrified Forest, asked Warner Brothers Bogart to play the role of Duke Mantee.

Therefore, in 1936, the success of the Petrified Forest marked the beginning of a solid career for the actor. His dedication came in 1941 with The Last Refuge, directed by Raoul Walsh.

From then on, Bogart has stringed up games that are considered classics today. Under John Huston’s direction, he shot The Malta Falcon, where he played the detective Sam Spade.

In 1942, he filmed Casablanca, in which he starred, along with Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, one of the greatest love stories in world cinema. The film, directed by Michael Curtiz, is listed as one of the five best films ever shot, and earned Bogart his first Oscar nomination, although he did not win it.

In just four years (1944-48), Bogart linked four noir film masterpieces, all starring Lauren Bacall: Yes and no, Big sleep, Dark path and Key Largo.

His acting value was recognized by the American Film Academy in 1951 when he was nominated for the second time and won an Oscar for best actor for his role in the Queen of Africa, starring with Katharine. Hepburn.

After that, he filmed other mythological films like The Caine Riot (his third Oscar nomination), Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn and William Holden), The Devil’s Taunt (with Jennifer Jones and Gina Lollobrigida) and Countess Baree (with Ava Gardner). In 1955, he filmed with Peter Ustinov the We Are Not Angels prison theme comedy, which will lead to a 1989 remake with Sean Penn and Robert De Niro.

Since the beginning of her film career, she has played a number of films, with whom she will be one of her great friends, legendary actress and legend Bette Davis, who is considered to be the first. Lady in black and white cinema.

Humphrey Bogart’s private life

Niche of Humphrey Bogart, in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery (Glendale, California, USA).

Bogart has been married four times. His first wife was veteran actress Helen Menken, whom he married in 1926, and since then he divorced only a year and a half later. In 1928, he married again with actress Mary Philips, divorced in 1938. Just five days later he remarried, this time with Mayo Methot, also an actress, whom he has been married for seven years.

However, I will still marry Maypole’s fourth time, 21 in 1945, my co-star has been in and yet, Lauren Bacall. Along with her, he starred in some excellent films in his film, like El sueño evero, La senda tenebrosa or Cayo Largo and he had two children: Stephen in 1949 and Leslie in 1952. Until Bogart’s death, the couple remained very united, and was one of the most charismatic marriages in the film world.

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