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Rwanda Hotel – the film of kindness a film based on the above true story

Rwanda Hotel – the film of kindness a film based on the above true story

About of “Rwanda Hotel” – the film of kindness

11 years ago, the plane of the Rwandan President Habyarimana was bombed on April 6, 1994 on Kigali (Rwanda) airspace. The next day, a wave of Tutsis massacre broke out in Rwanda and quickly went out of control.

Rwanda Hotel - the film of kindness

Rwanda Hotel – the film of kindness

Paul Rusesabagina is a Hutu, he manages a 4-star “Hill Hill” hotel in Kigali, where many Europeans are staying. He hid in the 1,268 Tutsis hotel, shielding them from the Hutu gunmen’s pursuit.

Like “Schindler List”, “Rwanda Hotel” is a film based on the above true story. The great performance of actor Don Cheadle successfully portrays a charitable Paul Rusesabagina, disapproving of a way of life indifferent to humans even though it can be life-threatening.

Through the film, director Terry George wanted to give the audience a better understanding of the Western indifference to the genocide that nearly 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutu had to die.

Hollywood’s “Rwanda disaster”: Where is the truth?

Two years, three films about Rwanda (Rwanda Hotel, April Time, Hound) have shocked the world audience for the brutality of genocide 4-1994. But are these survivors in this small Central African country content with the truth sketched by Hollywood?

Disaster survivors hold crosses with the names of the 1994 genocide victims marching in the streets of Kigali 4-2006

Disaster survivors hold crosses with the names of the 1994 genocide victims marching in the streets of Kigali 4-2006

Most of the victims who survived the massacre said: Hollywood scripts are somewhat misleading when describing the killing scene of 800,000 Tutsi minorities and moderate Hutu in the bloody 100 days of abetting. by the government.

“My conclusion is that both movies are fictional Hollywood-focused movies to make money” – comments by Jean Pierre Rucogoza, who survived the “Rwanda disaster”, came across two Rwanda Hotels movies and April moment.

However, the 47-year-old university lecturer whose 11 relatives were killed in 1994 also said Hollywood knew how to use that “money-making tool” to awaken the human conscience even though it was too late, even though the real life and on film is different.

“Not our story”

Scene in the movie April time

Scene in the movie April time

During the April Moment, director Raoul Peck recounted the tantalizing plight of a Hutu soldier. He has lost contact with his wife and two children since the violence was rampant in the capital Kigali 4-1994.

Ten years later, he received news that they were massacred from a brother. This person plays the role of host on a radio station urging the killers to continue and is currently facing an international court.

With this story, many survived, including Francois Ngarambe, the president of the Rwanda Disaster Association – saying: “It is not our story.” A lot of important details are misleading or ignored.

Ngarambe made it clear that the film was completely misleading when describing the genocide as a work of militia, without realizing that this well-prepared plan was due to the extreme Hutu faction in government and military. Team launched.

“Every white person runs away”

Scene in the Hound movie

Scene in the Hound movie

Director Michael Caton-Jones’s Hound movie is also criticized by witnesses. This is the latest film about the Rwanda disaster and the only film to film here, just opened at a stadium in Kigali early this month.

The film was filmed at the Ecole Technique Officielle in the capital, where Belgian UN soldiers abandoned more than 2,000 Tutsi, so they were chewed by bloodthirsty people. The criticism is that a white Catholic priest decides to stay with refugees, not to run after foreign associates.

Rwandans must be indignant with the West because many high-ranking clerics have been condemned as accomplices in the massacre, as well as the United Nations and the Western superpower because they have not intervened.

“No circumstances, no school or anywhere that white people do not flee. Obviously lies” – Wilson Gabo, coordinator of the Rwanda Survivor Fund, said.

“Hero of the bloodline”

Don Cheadle as Rusesabagina of the movie Rwanda Hotel

Don Cheadle as Rusesabagina of the movie Rwanda Hotel

The fact that filmmakers acknowledge the “liberal arts” has not yet sketched out how the truth takes place in the schools, sparking resentful indignation in society, where memories of the times royal like new yesterday.

Amidst international ignorance, the massacre ended thanks to Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, who led a rebel from Uganda to stand up for power. Even the president participated in the debate “The truth behind Hollywood’s Rwanda movies”.

He harshly criticized the Oscar-nominated film last year, Rwanda Hotel. Director Terry George’s film tells about the character Paul Rusesabagina (the star Don Cheadle star), who is a Hutu manager at a hotel in the capital, extending his arms and helping more than 1,200 Rwandans escape genocide

President Kagame, a Tutsi, said that this South African film had mistaken the bloodline of the main character Rusesabagina and he would not choose him as a heroic icon during the horrific period.

“Many things built up this character are not real” – the president said – “Although it is true, it is not worth honoring like that”.

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