Folsom Street Fair – One of the ‘most unique in San Francisco’ events

Folsom Street Fair brings over 400,000 people together every year, making it the third largest street event in California. The festival is spread over 13 blocks in San Francisco’s SoMa district, offering many different events and demonstrations.

One of the ‘most unique in San Francisco’ events, Folsom Street Fair has been going strong for over 30 years. This annual event takes over Folsom Road to commemorate BDSM and leather culture, giving visitors the opportunity to completely let go of the inhibitions for a day each summer.

More than 200 exhibition booths were introduced, displaying jewelry and fetish toys, setting festivals as the largest leather event and introducing BDSM products and cultures around the world. Indie music, electronic and alternative music are played with raucous dancing in the main stage, in addition to two dance areas with underground DJ EDM.

Other services include public PlayStations, pornographic artists and ‘sick and twisted’ stage performances. Attendees are free to walk around in their favorite leather or erotic clothing or they can choose to explore the festival nat natale. In addition to members of BDSM and skin communities, this event attracts some curious walkers and spectators to see the events taking place.

Brief history of Folsom Street Fair of San Francisco
Brief history of Folsom Street Fair of San Francisco

San Francisco, and especially Folsom Street, has been a center of leather culture since the 1960s. This area attracted wide attention in 1964 when Life magazine published a movie titled ‘Bronze love in America ‘, with Toolbox, a leather bar in SoMa area.

The article started as the first time a national publication was reported on homosexual topics, drawing skin worshipers from all over the country to San Francisco. The rise of these newcomers prompted the opening of nearly 30 bars and leather bases in the late 1970s.

Before the Folsom Street Fair was formed, there was California Motorcycle Club Carnival. This smaller festival brings members of the gay community, skin and BDSM for dancing and celebrations.

The festival is held annually in the house from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, with DJs, suppliers and a room for normal. This event hosted more than 4,000 attendees in the last year before it was stopped due to the AIDS epidemic devastating the community.

The festival is organized by CMC and other gay motorcycle clubs, known to organize charity events and benefits. These clubs inspired the formation of Dykes on Bikes, a lesbian motorcycle club, which will host the first San Francisco Pride parade.

Because the LGBT and skin communities are weakened by the AIDS crisis, they have difficulty fighting against city proposals to redevelop the SoMa neighborhood; As a result, many once-thriving bars and showers began to close in the mid-1980s.

In response, local activists decided to throw the first Folsom Street Fair, to raise funds while increasing visibility and education for their communities.

This event has grown into a non-profit organization and has since grown to raise up to $ 300,000 per year. The funds are donated to a variety of charities working in the field of public health, human services and the arts.

While the trade fair organizers always keep a positive relationship with city officials, sometimes they are still the focus of controversy with other organizations. In 2007, the official artwork of the fair included an entertainment of The Last Supper, featuring a leather Pride flag as a tablecloth and a series of toys scattered across the table.

Artworks upset some religious groups, who threatened to boycott Miller Brewing Company, the main sponsor of the festival that year. As a result, Miller asked to remove its logo from the festival poster.

Despite such controversies, the widespread success of Folsom Street Fair has inspired the creation of some fake festivals over the years. Folsom Street East was founded in New York City in 1997, then in 2003, Folsom Europe was founded in Berlin and Folsom Fair North started in Toronto.

Organizers, who collaborated with the loving sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, also threw a smaller and local San Francisco worship fair on the last Sunday in July – Up Your Alley’s next day was attended. guess is July 30, 2017.

Just like Folsom Street Fair, your Alley Street Fair is held at SoMa (South of Market), and is organized by a Saturday evening party, this is called the Pig Bay.

Below is a preview of the fair, but also noted that the fair has spread to another city with an extremely vibrant skin scene, Berlin, since 2004 held Folsom Europe – the event that took place a bit before the San Francisco event, the weekend of September 10 and 11, 2016, in Berlin’s Schoneberg neighborhood.

Paying itself is the largest religious event on the continent, Folsom Europe attracts more than 25,000 attendees from all over the world and also includes a handful of parties and events that take place a few days before the day. big weekend.

Folsom street fair (Sunday, September 25, 2016)

Folsom festival takes place along Folsom Road and neighboring blocks (total block 13), from 13th to 8th streets. The fair runs from 11 am until 6 pm, and includes a lot of live music, more than 200 exhibition communities and suppliers, food and beverage stalls, and crowds joined in to dance and dance.

Dance, parading, making, and milling about. This is a religious event, after all, so you can expect that the majority of attendees wear leather, rubber, uniforms, jocks or other fetish equipment – but everyone is greeted Pick up at Folsom, regardless of your outfit, including attire, nudity is completely welcome and encouraged, and there are safety checkout areas.

The fair attracts people of all stripes and styles.

This year, Folsom organizers have announced plans to rename and redevelop an important element of the fair that was previously called Venus’ Playground and was held on 9th Street just north of Folsom Street. .

Open space for women, participants, and sex participants, and as of this writing, plans are still in the works related to details about this space.

Admission to the fair is free, but remember that this is a fundraising event, and it’s a big push for dozens of organizations to receive money from all of Folsom’s events when you go $ 10 entry proposal ($ 7 for Up your Alley).

If you pay for admission, you also get $ 1 when you buy drinks. Magnitude dance parties (in September 24) and Pig Bay have expensive tickets (again, however, all proceeds benefit charity) – Costs $ 110 for standard items, and $ 160 for VIP admission.

For tips on where to play and party, see the San Francisco Gay Nightlife Guide and the Gay and Gay Club of San Francisco.

The official website of Folsom has a Frequently Asked Questions page that is helpful in solving issues on a variety of topics, including policies on nudity and lewd behavior (subject to California state law). on these topics), age (18 and more are welcome to attend the fair), transportation (including bicycles, encouraged), etc.

Queer San Francisco Resources

In Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley, lots of gay bars as well as famous gay restaurants, hotels and shops with guests attending these events.

Check local gay papers, like Bay Area Reporter and San Francisco Bay Times for what while you are in the city, and for information on many stakeholders taking place throughout the week. Also visit the San Francisco CVB’s featured website for GLBT travel.

As well as the street performers, there will be dragging DJs, musicians and queen performers for all your idol pleasures, with Hercules house / dance action and Love Affair leading the entertainment. This year’s music, as well as DJ Tony Moran and Miss Suppositori Spelling on the attendant duties.

In your hands to welcome you will be the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a collective that uses scissors and religion as a way of protesting and doing charity work.

Mora Lee D’Klined (speaks faster) explains better: “As a 21st century of long nuns, our mission is to enact common joy and get rid of the feeling of discrimination. You may think there is no greater way to do this than greetings.

You will come there to greet you with open arms and accept donations at the gate, towards countless organizations. We support., but the most important is to have good kinky time! “

As Sister Mora pointed out correctly, perhaps the most important thing to remember is whether you go out the gate or a seasoned professional, Folsom welcomes everyone and encourages you to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable – even if it is nothing.

Yes, San Francisco may have had its nude laws pinned down recently, but all are forgotten at events like Folsom.

So if you want to be chained in a gimp suit or just like to let it all hang free, the choice is all yours. Unless you are a slave of course …

With the theme of the event you will be forgiven for this thought all started in the early evening and rolled up late at night. But no, everything started to be bright and cool at 11am and warmed up from there. The fair closed itself at 6:30 pm and everything moved behind closed doors and into clubs for the end parties.

But even if you travel to San Francisco during the Folsom season, the city still has a lot to offer. Known as one of the world’s gay capitals, a lot has happened here as a great place to explore the history of the LGBT community.

The first place to go is the GLBT History Museum that not only records the quirky history of San Francisco but also the rest of the world. Items like the special Harvey Milk loudspeaker and when you’re done, you can move to the camera store where he started most of his campaigns.

He famously used this as his base before becoming the first openly gay person in a public office in California, earning a seat on the San Francisco Board of Directors before being assassinated ten months later. there.

The fact that San Francisco has such a strong LGBT history means that the community also has a strong community and welcomes you with strong, masculine open arms, and Castro is famous for its place.

You will see young LGBT couples holding hands, with their parents making love to their children, or men in their 80s meeting for their sherry evening at Twin Peaks.

If you are a LGBT traveler, San Francisco really gives you everything and more. You can get freaky at Folsom, discover LGBT history and feel part of the family too attached. Like the song said, we definitely left our hearts in San Francisco and we will soon return to pick them up.

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