What is the additive inverse of -2 + 8i?


  1. Answer:

    2 – 8i

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The additive inverse of something is basically the opposite of it. Another way to say this is that when you add the additive inverse to -2 + 8i, it will equal 0.

    An example:

    The additive inverse of 7 is -7 because not only is it the opposite, but also when you add 7 and -7, it equals 0.

    To solve

    So all you need to do is find the opposite of -2 + 8i. You can write it as:

    -(-2 + 8i)  With the negative in the front because we want to find the opposite.

    This then equals:

    2 – 8i

    You can check your answer by adding -2 + 8i and 2 – 8i to see if it equals 0:

    (-2 + 8i) + (2 – 8i)  →  and it does equal 0

    ANSWER: 2 – 8i

    Hope you understand and that this helps with your question! 🙂

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