Using the videos and websites provided, or other online resources you find, and analyze the events of the Biosphere 2 story and history.

Biosphere 2 Research Resources

A: Arizona’s Beautiful Biodome Failure
B: Biosphere 2: 25 Years Scientists Lived Inside
C: TED Talk about life in Biosphere 2
D: Biosphere 2: Not Such a Bust
E: Biosphere 2: An American Space Odyssey

In the chart below:
Decide which events, components, or aspects contributed to the success or failure of Biosphere 2. You must include a minimum of 5 events, components, aspects of the project.

Provide evidence of these successes or failures from your research.

Include the citation of the resource where you found this information.

Biosphere event, component, or aspect (ex: one Biospherian needing to leave temporarily)
Min. of 5 required
Success (S) or Failure (F)?
Evidence of success or failure from the provided resources
Citation (Letter)

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