To drive your car from Auburn to Atlanta (173.8 km) takes a significant amount of work. Assuming the force of friction between the tires and the road is 10290 N, how much work needed to drive that far? Express your answer in megajoules (MJ).


  1. Answer:

    1788.402 MJ


    Work done = Force (N) x distance (m)

    First we have to convert distance into metres:

    173.8 x 1000 = 173,800 m

    Then plug these values into the equation above:

    173,800 x 10290 = 1788402000 J

    The reason it’s Joules (the unit for energy) is because work done = energy transferred

    Now we have to convert Joules into Mega Joules:

    1 J = 1/1000000 MJ

    1788402000 J = 1788402000/ 1000000 = 1788.402 MJ


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