The mass of a 30 cm3 stone is 180 g.
a. Calculate its density.
b. The stone is broken into two pieces. What is the density of each piece?
c. The smaller piece weighs 80 g. Calculate its volume


  1. Your question answer is here
    a. Solution ,
    Given volume (V)=30cm^3
    Mass = 180 g
    Density =?
    We know that,
    Density = given mass/volume
    Or. 180/30

    b. We know ,
    If any pice of stone have equal density so each piece have 6g/cm^3

    c. We know ,
    Given weight = 80g
    Density = 6g/cm^3
    Volume =?
    We know that,
    Volume = given weight ( mass)/ density
    = 80/6
    = 13.33 cm^3

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