Write about the seasons and the weather in your place


Write about the seasons and the weather in your place

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  1.  I live in Viet Nam . There are 4 seasons in my place . They ‘re spring, summer, falls and winter . My favourite seanson is summer. It ‘s usually hot. There are many activities in summer: go swimming, ….



    My country has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has a different type of weather. Spring is the season that makes everyone happiest when children receive lucky money, and everyone wishes each other the most meaningful things for the beginning of the new year, which is also the time for trees to grow and sprout. summer is the hottest season of the season, to avoid the heat, people often travel to the sea to dispel that heat. In the fall, it is romantic that the leaves on the tree fall to start another litter, but also make people feel uncomfortable because the dryness makes the human body uncomfortable. and finally winter, very cold weather sometimes with snowy places, but also the season when people are busy working at the end of the year to get things done and to gather with family

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