why blood is separated into different parts​


why blood is separated into different parts​

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    Blood fractionation is the process of fractionating whole blood, or separating it into its component parts. This is typically done by centrifuging the blood. The resulting components are: a clear solution of blood plasma in the upper phase (which can be separated into its own fractions, see Blood plasma fractionation),


    Answer: Centrifugal force is used to separate the components of blood – red blood cells, platelets and plasma – from each other. … The red blood cells precipitate to the bottom of the bag, with the platelets above them, then the white blood cells and the plasma at the very top. Also because Each part of the blood has a different function. Separating the blood into parts lets patients get only the specific part or parts of the blood that they need. So a whole blood donation can be used for several patients.

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