What is one element that is not found in the human body, air, or the universe ?


What is one element that is not found in the human body, air, or the universe ?

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    For the moment we have analyzed the physical point of view. For many, the most common way to analyze your body is through the chemical elements.

    This increases the number of building blocks to more than four particles, but considering that the number of atoms in a 70 kilogram body is 7,000 quadrillion (you write a 7 followed by 27 zeros), it is still quite simple that we can count the 99.95% of your body weight with only seven elements.

    The provocative alternative theories to the Big Bang that state that the universe has no limits

    You may have heard that most of our body is water. It may seem unlikely given how solid our bodies feel, but most of you are made of cells filled with water.

    There is enough structure that you are unlikely to slide down the drain, but you do have a lot of water. About 60 percent of your body is water, even your bones are roughly 30% water.

    Two skeletons sitting on the beach.



    The bones have 30% water in their composition.

    Knowing that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O), it seems clear to point out that the elements most present in the body are hydrogen and oxygen.

    But there is also much of the most versatile of atoms, carbon. All life we know incorporates water and is based on carbon structures.

    Since carbon atoms weigh 12 times more than hydrogen atoms, carbon ranks second by weight behind oxygen.

    The thing would be like this: we have 65% oxygen, 18% carbon and 10.2% hydrogen.

    If we add a small amount of nitrogen (3.1%), a pinch of calcium for those bones (1.6%), 1.2% of phosphorus, 0.25% of potassium and sulfur and smaller percentages of sodium, magnesium and chlorine, we already reached 99.95

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