The german inventor of the movable-type printing press was


The german inventor of the movable-type printing press was

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    The German inventor of the movable-type printing press was Johannes Gutenberg.


    • Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the mechanical movable type printing press introduced printing to Europe and started the Printing Revolution.
    • In movable type technology of printing, the system used movable components to reproduce a document on the medium, usually paper. The advantages of this type of printing over woodblock printing were that the printing was quicker, the metal type pieces were more durable and the uniform lettering leads to typography and fonts.
    • The metal movable-type printing press created by Johannes Gutenberg had the type pieces made from an alloy of lead, tin, and antimony. The casting of type pieces was done on matrix and hand molds. He created the first printed version of the Bible called the Gutenberg Bible using this printing technology.
    • The movable-type printing press helped in the development of the Renaissance and the scientific revolution by the transmission of knowledge and laid the foundation of the modern knowledge-based economy.

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