tả con chó bằng tiếng anh


tả con chó bằng tiếng anh

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    hi i’m miko today i’m going to tell you about my dog its name is Mia, she is almost 3 years old, she has brownish white fur, eyes like two longan eyes.nose is always wet.It’s very friendly, always wraps me.When I came home from school, he ran out and clung to my feet, wagging his tail at me,as a welcome act instead of words.I loved it and wanted to stay with it the whole time,If you love it, you can come to my house and have fun with it.

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    My house just bought one for him named bong mik loves it.

    mik always takes care of ssoxcs it is very kind every day it is taken to playI like it very much, its owner is like a majestic bodyguard.
       The mik loves the mik dog and takes good care of him


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