lm hộ mk bài này vs mk đang cần gấp


lm hộ mk bài này vs mk đang cần gấp


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    1. The first boy who knows the truth has just moved.

    2. I don’t remember the man whom you said you met at the canteen last week.

    3. The only thing which make me worried is how to go home.

    4. The most beautiful girl, whose long hair I like very much, lives in this city.

    5. The man whom I met at the bar yesterday was Tom.

    6. The children often go swimming on Sundays when they have much free time.

    7. They’re looking for the man and his dog that have lost the way in the forest.

    8. The tree which stands near the gate of my house has lovely flowers.

    9. My wife, whom you were speaking to, wants you to come to dinner.


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