Is there a way to see moon and the sun at once?


Is there a way to see moon and the sun at once?

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    Yes there is a way to see the moon and sun at once when the sun is setting and the moon is rising


    Earth rotates once a day, but the moon orbits Earth once every 28 days, so its position in the sky at a given time of day moves east by 360/28=13 degrees (roughly) each day.

    The sun would appear in (roughly) the same spot in the sky at the same time each day except for the Earth’s axial tilt which causes it to move north and south with the seasons.

    Necessarily, then, the sun moves through our entire sky each day, while the moon moves through our entire sky each month, sometimes appearing on the opposite side of Earth from the sun, sometimes on the same side.

    It’s a stunningly common misconception that the moon is only seen at night. Quite the contrary, the moon is visible most days of the month—it’s just more likely to be close to full and therefore more noticeable when it’s out at night.

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