find the circumfernce of the circle Use 3.14 for


find the circumfernce of the circle Use 3.14 for

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    Answer: To find the circumference of a circle, use the formula, 2(3.14)(r) (r is the radius, and if it gives the diameter, divide the diameter by 2 [to get the radius]). To find the actual circumference of the circle, multiply 2 and 3.14, becoming 6.28. Then, multiply 6.28 by whatever the radius is. Hope you find this useful!

    Note: I am going based on no given picture and measurements of the circle, the other person that answered is, also, correct, and you could multiply the first two numbers (and then multiply the other number by the answer you received) OR multiply the first number, being 2, by the radius (and multiply that answer by the number of 3.14). For an example, the radius=10 units. You could either do 2×10=20, then 20×3.14=62.8 units^2 or multiply 3.14×2=6.28 units, then multiply 6.28 by 10, which is 62.8 units^2.



    well you need to multiply the radius times two than multiply by 3.14


    radius = 20. 20 x 2 = 40. 40 x 3.14 = 125.6

    hope this helps

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