Cố lên nhóm Gaumatyuki Viết đoạn văn tả người mẹ đang chăm sóc con ốm bằng Tiếng Anh


Cố lên nhóm Gaumatyuki
Viết đoạn văn tả người mẹ đang chăm sóc con ốm bằng Tiếng Anh

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    The one i love most is my mother. She is tall and rather thin
    She is a warm kindly person with an oval face and a long-silky hair.
    My mother loves us very much. She is used to staying up late and getting up early to earn money and take care of us. She is strict thanks to that we are educated into a good person.I will try to study well to satisfy my mother’s faith.


    Hi guys, my name is ______ Today, I will tell you about my mom is taking care me when I am sick

    Mother is always close to me. Especially when I am sick, the mother always pats and cares. I remember once being sick, my mother stayed up all night. My mother gave me medicine and gave me a cold. She sat anxiously beside her, putting a wet towel over her forehead. Mother’s hand gently touches the forehead occasionally or rubs gently on the back very comfortable. Her mother’s eyes did not seem to close for a moment, watching her sleep all the time and listening to her tired breathing. In the fluttering sleep, I saw her mother’s shadow slanting down on the wall … In the morning, when she woke up, she was glad that she was less sick but she looked like a few years older, tired but still trying to smile. welcome to you. I’ve never felt so sorry for her.



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