Applying the Angle Addition Postulate Warm-Up If m ZBGF = 152°, what is m ZAGF? x B 88°


Applying the Angle Addition Postulate
If m ZBGF = 152°, what is m ZAGF?

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    The circular thread milling cutter ZBGF H allows you to carry out drilling and thread milling without tool change and in only one operation.

    This solid carbide tool stands for process reliable milling of metric internal threads and insert threads (EG) up to 2,5xD. The thread milling cutter feels at home even in difficult to machine materials up to 63 HRC.

    Due to the manufacturing process an exact thread depth of up to 1,5xP to the hole bottom is possible. The short milling chips produced during machining are removed in the direction of the shank. The ZBGF has straight flutes and is left-hand cutting which are the best prerequisites for achieving high tool life in synchronous milling.

    The tool benefits from the properties of the BA-coating. This coating is wear resistant, extremely heat resistant and shows a high hardness. In series of tests, BASS was able to prove that the geometry of the milling cutter in combination with the BA-coating is superior to a milling cutter type with

    internal coolant.

    With a ZBGF, a range of different thread dimensions with the same pitch can be realized, e. g. M10 and M12x1,5. It is used in varied materials, all tolerances and for the production of left-hand or right-hand threads.

    For its application, the ZBGF requires the same conditions that are already known from conventional thread milling.

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