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Emma and Zeke own an on-line business, EZ Coasters, that sells cork beverage coasters, which can be bought plain or with logos. The price for both types of coasters is $3.00 each. There is also a one-time set-up charge of $25 for coasters with a logo.

1) Write an equation describing the relationship between:
a) The number of plain coasters bought and the cost of the coasters.

b) The number of coasters with a logo bought and the price of the coasters.

c) Is either coaster relationship proportional? Explain in writing how you know.

d) Explain what the unit rate of the line described by each equation means in the context of the coasters.

2) EZ Sales also sells plain natural sandstone coasters for $4.00 each.
a) Write the equation describing this relationship.
b) Indicate whether or not it is a proportional relationship and explain why?
c) Will the graph of this equation ever intersect the graph of the equations for either of the other two EZ Coasters? Explain in typing how you made your decision.


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