One Friday night, two large groups of people called Weston Taxi Service. The first group requested 2 sedans and 1 minivan, which can seat a total of 14 people. The second group asked for 2 sedans and 2 minivans, which can seat a total of 20 people. How many passengers can each type of taxi seat? Write a system equation of the this.


  1. Answer:

    Sedan: 4 passengers

    Minivan: 6 passengers

    Step-by-step explanation:

    We can write the following system of equations:

    \begin{cases}2s+1m=14 \\2s+2m=20\end{cases}, where s represents the number of people a sedan can seat and m represents the number of people a minivan can seat.

    Subtracting the first equation from the second, we have:


    Now plug in m=6 in any of the equations to solve for s:

    2s+1(6)=14, \\2s=8, \\s=4

    Verify that the solution pair (4, 6) works:

    2(4)+1(6)=14\: \checkmark \\2(4)+2(6)=20 \: \checkmark

    Therefore, a sedan can hold 4 passengers and a minivan can hold 6 passengers.

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