Jeanette wants to tile the floor of a room in her house. The square tiles measure 3/4 ft on each side. The room is 10 ft wide.
a. Write an inequality to describe how many tiles are needed to make one row of tiles across the width of the room.
b. Solve the inequality.
c. How many tiles should Jeanette buy to form one row?

A. \frac{3}{4}t\geq10; t\geq13\frac{1}{3}; 7\frac{1}{2}

B. \frac{3}{4}t \geq10; t\geq13\frac{1}{3}; 13\frac{1}{3}

C. \frac{3}{4}+t\geq10; t\geq9\frac{1}{4}; 10

D. \frac{3}{4}t\geq10; t\geq13\frac{1}{3}; 14

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