How can I makeup a physics scenario that includes concepts of work and energy. Should I make something going up or down a ramp!? JUST a SCENARIO plss!!!I’m stressed! I need to be able to make a solution for this made up scenario that includes work and energy calculations.


  1. Answer:

    Work done = 100 Nm

    Potential energy = 250J


    A person carrying a heavy weight of load without moving does no work. But the load will surely experience potential energy.

    Work will be done when he or she covers a little distance.

    If the weight of the load = 25 N and the distance covered is 4 metres, the workdone will be the product of the weight and distance covered. That is,

    WD = F × d

    WD = 25 × 4 = 100Nm

    Let assume that the height of the man is 10 m tall.

    The load will be experiencing potential energy of mgh. That is,

    P.E = mgh

    Since weight W = mg

    Substitute weight and height into the formula

    P.E = 25 × 10 = 250J


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