George has $23 to spend on art supplies. He wants to buy markers, paper, and glue. If the total cost of the markers and paper is more than $14, which inequality represents the dollar amount, p. George can spend on glue? please tell me the right answer please if you don’t tell me the right answer i will tell brainly to report you!!​


  1. Answer:

    If Michael has $2 and he spends $1, how much money does he have left?  We can figure this out by subtracting $1 from $2.  This is obviously equal to $1.

    We can use the same idea for this problem.  George starts with $23 and spends at least $14.  After this, George has 23 – 14 = $9 dollars left.  So, George can spend $9 at the max.

    We can translate this into math words by saying George can spend less than 9 on glue, so p < 9.  So, a. is the correct answer.

    Step-by-step explanation:


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