Find the volume (in cubic feet) of a cylindrical column with a diameter of 6 feet and a height of 28 feet. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    The volume of a cylinder with radius r and height h is given by A_{cyl}=r^2h\pi.

    By definition, all radii of a circle are exactly half of all diameters of the circle. Therefore, if the diameter of the circular base of the cylinder is 6 feet, the radius of it must be 6\div 2=3\text{ feet}.

    Now we can substitute r=3 and h=28 into our formula A_{cyl}=r^2h\pi:

    A=3^2\cdot 28\cdot \pi,\\A=9\cdot28\cdot \pi,\\A=791.681348705\approx \boxed{791.7\:\mathrm{ft^3}}

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