Cuando a un sistema le afectan mas de una magnitud vectorial, este cambia sus caracteristicas, ya sea de velocidad, fuerza, etc., aunque las magnitudes vectoriales no se afectan entre ellas, ¿a esto se le conoce con el nombre de? a principio de interferencia b principio de indiferencia c principio de incidencia d principio de independencia


  1. Answer: The principle of physical independence of forces. (principio de independencia)


    I will answer in English.

    Ok, first let’s discard the options.

    Interference refers to the interaction between waves, indifference refers to probabilities, and incidence refers to waves inciding on interfaces.

    Ok, think as an object that moves in the x-axis, and now we apply a force in the y-axis direction.

    Now, the object will remain moving in the x-direction with the same velocity, but now the object also have a component in the y-direction. This means that the vectors are totally independent (this happens because the vectors are perpendicular between them) and this is called the principle of independence (actually “principle of physical independence of forces.”) that can be resumed to “the motion in the vertical axis does not affect nor is affected by the motion in the horizontal axis”

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