A laser beam is incident from the air at an angle of 30.0° to the vertical onto a solution of Karo syrup in water. If the beam is refracted to 19.24° to the vertical, what is the index of refraction of the syrup solution?


  1. Answer:

    Index of Refraction = 1.52


    The index of refraction or the refractive index is given as:

    Index of Refraction = Sin i/Sin r


    i = angle of incidence

    r = angle of refraction

    In this case of karo syrup, we have the following data:

    i = angle of incidence  = 30°

    r = angle of refraction = 19.24°

    Therefore, substituting these values in the equation, we get:

    Index of Refraction = Sin 30°/Sin 19.24°

    Index of Refraction = 0.5/0.3295

    Index of Refraction = 1.52

    Hence, the refractive index or the index of refraction of the Karo Syrup is found to be 1.52.


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