a candle is located 12 cm from a concave mirror. The focal point of the mirror is 3.0 cm from the mirror, where is the image located?


  1. Answer:

    v = -4 cm


    We have,

    Distance between candle and the concave mirror, u = -12 cm

    Focal length of the mirror is, f = -3 cm

    It is required to find the distance from the distance where image is located. Using mirror’s formula to find it:


    v is image distance

    \dfrac{1}{v}=\dfrac{1}{f}-\dfrac{1}{u}\\\\\dfrac{1}{v}=\dfrac{1}{(-3)}-\dfrac{1}{(-12)}\\\\v=-4\ cm

    So, the image will formed at a distance of 4 cm.

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