1. The more I got to know Tom, …….I liked him.
a. least b.the less c. the least d. the few
2. The rooms in the front ……noisier than those in the back.
a. are more b. are littler c. are very d. are much
3. This one is prettier , but costs……………….as the one.
a. as much as b. twice as much c. as many d. twice as many
4. China is the country with……..population.
a. the larger b. the largest c. the more large d. the most large
5. You can borrow …….books as you want,
a. as many b. as much c. so much d. too many
6. Jane is the ……………….of the two sisters.
a. elder b. oldest c. eldest d. more old
7. The salary of a bus worker is much higher ……..teacher.
a. than a b. than that of a c. comparing to the d. in comparison with the
8. My list of things gets ……………I don’t know when to finish them all.
a. less and less b. shorter and shorter c. longer and longer d. more and more difficulty
9. “ How many products did you sell? “ “…………..than we had expected.”
a. less b. lesser c. few d. fewer
10. The party was _______ I had expected.
a. more a hundred times fun than b. a hundred times fun more than
c. a hundred times more fun than d. more fun than a hundred times
11.He finds physics _______ other science subjects.
a. far more difficult than b. many more difficult than
c. too much more difficult than d. more much difficult than
12._______ he drank, _______ he became.
a. More / more violent b. The most / the most violent
c. The more / the more violent d. The less / less violent
13.Mary was _______ of the two sisters.
a. the clever b. as clever as c. the cleverer d. the cleverest
14.French is a _______ language to learn than English is.
a. difficult b. more difficult c. most difficult d. more and more difficult
15.The cuisine of France is _______.
a. more famous than that of England b. famous than the cuisine of England
c. more famous than which of England d. as famous than that of England
16.Earning money has always been the thing that pleases him most. _______ he becomes, he is.
a. The more rich / the more happy b. The richest / the happiest
c. The richer / the happier d. Richer and richer / happier and happier
17.The fast we finish, _______.
a. the sooner we can leave b. we can leave sooner and sooner
c. the sooner can we leave d. we can leave the sooner
18.Of all athletes, Alex is _______.
a. the less qualified b. the less and less qualified
c. the more and more qualified d. the least qualified,
19.The climber was seventy miles in the wrong direction and got _______.
a. more panicked b. the more panicked
c. more than panicked d. more and more panicked
20._______ you study for these exams, _______ you will do.
a. The harder / the better b. The more / the much
c. The hardest / the best d. The more hard / the more good,
21.My neighbor is driving me mad! It seems that _______ it is at night, _______ he plays his music!
a. the less / the more loud b. the less / less
c. the more late / the more loudlier d. the later / the louder
22.Thanks to the progress of science and technology, our lives have become _______.
a. more and more good b. better and better
c. the more and more good d. better and best
23.The Sears Tower is _______ building in Chicago.
a. taller b. the more tall c. the tallest d. taller and taller
24.Petrol is _______ it used to.
a. twice as expensive as b. twice expensive more than
c. twice more than expensive d. more expensive than twice
25.Peter is _______ John.
a. younger and more intelligent than b. more young and intelligent than
c. more intelligent and younger than d. the more intelligent and youn

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