Your fresh salsa recipe has been selected as a finalist at the county fair. All finalists will automatically participate in two rounds of competition that occur on the same day. For the first round, you need to make enough salsa for 6 servings for the judges who are professional chefs. In the second round, you will be presenting to a larger panel from the general public and need to have 40 servings. Your recipe makes 4 servings.Salsa Recipe•4 c chopped tomatoes•3 c chopped sweet onions•2 c chopped green peppers•1··2 c chopped hot peppers•1 tbsp fresh garlic•11··2 tbsp lime juice•1··4 c chopped cilantro•1 tsp saltA recipe always has a proportional relationship between the number of servings and each ingredient of the recipe. Find the amount of each ingredient you will need to make all of the servings needed for the competition. Show your work on the Recording Sheet.

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