you want to buy a new winter coat that originally costs $115. The coat was marked down to $86.25 so you bought it. What percent was the coat discounted by? Please tell me how u got the answer.


  1. Answer:
    so the answer is 28.75 they subtracted 25 percent
    Step-by-step explanation:
    so what u wanna do is the easy way out u wanna move 25 to the left twice so like .25 and  do that times 86.75 u get 28.75 which tell u that 25 percent of so basically jusy say u the answer is 25% and u can get this by using differnt number i took the easy way out because this is easy way u can say u sed differnt percents like i used 20 percent and got such and such so u made it to 25 and found out that 25% is the answer u ended with unless u were given a certain way u need to answer


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