You stare at a bright red screen for so long that your red cones become saturated and no longer function. The red screen is then rapidly replaced by a white screen. Immediately afterwards, what color do you see on the screen?


  1. Answer: you’ll see cyan color on the screen


    Saturating the red cone causes them to stop functioning, hence you can’t perceive the red part of white light. White light is made up of three main colors which are blue, red and green. When one can no longer perceive the red part of light, one is left with the grean and blue part. The green and blue part of light will superimpose to give a cyan color.

  2. Answer:

    Cyan color


    When an individual stares at a red object and immediately look at a white area afterward, there will be an image formation almost immediately that is the same size and shape as the previous one. The only difference is there will be a color change to blue-green, or cyan.

    This is due to the eyes generally using the red, blue and green cone cells to perceive white light. Since the red cone cells are fatigued due to long view of it and cone cells being saturated , the blue and green color which are the remaining color cone cells use to perceive white light is viewed. This gives rise to the blue green or cyan color.


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