You pull a force of 255 N on a piece of luggage of mass 68 kg but does not move the coefficient of friction between the luggage in the floor is .7 what is the force of static friction acting on the luggage


  1. Answer: 255N


    Given the following :

    Applied force (F) = 255N

    Mass (M) of the body = 68kg

    Coefficient of static friction (Us) = 0.7


    Us = frictional force / normal reaction(N)

    Normal reaction( N) = mass × acceleration due to gravity

    N = mg = 68 × 9.8m/s^2 = 666.4N


    Frictional force = coefficient of static friction × normal reaction

    Frictional force = 0.7 × 666.4 = 466.5N.

    In other for the body to move, the minimum applied force must be greater than the frictional force in other to overcome the force of friction.

    Here, the force applied on the object is equal to the force of static friction which is less than the frictional force.

    255N = force of static friction.

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