you have $20:00 to spend on an Easter gift. you buy 1 dozen tulips for $15.35. with the money you have left, how many chocolate bunnies could you buy? each bunny cost $1.25.


  1. All you’re doing is subtracting $15.35 from $20.00. After you get the answer, add $1.25 as many times as possible before it exceeds the number you got from the first subtraction.

    $20.00 – 15.35 = $4.65
    $1.25 x 3 = $3.75
    (Anything over $3.75 would require additional money, so you couldn’t buy any more chocolate bunnies than 3.)

    You could buy 3 chocolate bunnies after purchasing 1 dozen tulips for $15.35 with the remaining $4.65 you have left.

    I struggle with math myself, so I’d recommend working it out on your own instead of pasting online answers because it pays off in the end! <3


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