You are ordering T-shirt with your school’s mascot printed on them. Each T-shirt cost $4.75. The printer charges a setup fee of $30 and $2.50 to print each shirt. write two expressions to represents the total cost of printing n T-shirts

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if you can please explain


  1. Answer: 2.50n + 30

    each shirt (n) is $2.50 so to find the total for the shirts you would multiple $2.50 by (n) the number of shirts. The fee of the printer is only charged once so you would just add an extra $30 to the amount you got.

  2. Answer:
    1. n(4.75+30+2.50)
    2. 4.75n+30n+2.50n
    Step-by-step explanation:
    n is the number of shirts they buy. It says that each shirt costs $4.75, and for each shirt they add an extra $30 and $2.50 for the setup fee and to peint each shirt. The word each shows that you have to times. You have to times n by each number or to make it shorter put all three numbers in parenthesis put the n ouside of the parenthesis.
    Hope that helps.


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