Wyatt is gathering box tops for his school. Last year he was able to collect 300 box
tops. Out of 300 box tops, 25 were already expired. He collected 400 box tops this
year. How many box tops will be expired this year if Wyatt can estimate the
number of box tops that will expire this year using the ratio from last year? Round
to the nearest whole number.


  1. Answer:
    Let last year and new year be L(y) and N(y)
    Let last year Expired box and new year Expired box be L(E) and N(E)
    L(y)=300 box
    L(E)=25 box
    N(y)=400 box
    We know,
    N(y) / L(y) = N(E) / L(E)
    400/300 = x/25
    1.333333333 = x/25
    x = 1.333333333 * 25
    x = 33.333333333
    So, the expire box this year is 33.333333333


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