Write an inequality for the situation.
No more than 31 people, p, can ride this bus

Please help me I’ve been stuck in the same question for 15 mins


  1. The inequality used to represent the situation is written as p ≤ 31

    What is an inequality?

    An inequality is simply described as a non-proportional or an unequal comparison between numbers, terms or expressions.
    Inequality simply means ‘not equal to’
    The relationship between two elements or values that are found unequal to each other is described by inequalities.
    The inequality signs in mathematics includes;
    • < which represents less than
    • > which represents greater than
    • ≤ which represents less than or equal to
    • ≥ which represents greater than or equal two
    From the information given, we have that
    p in this sense represents the number of people that can ride the bus
    Then we can represent the situation as an inequality, we have;
    p ≤ 31
    Hence, the expression is p ≤ 31
    Learn more about inequalities here:


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