would you mind helping me?
rewrite each number sentence using numerals and symbols
Find the product of 5 and 6 and then take that from 2


  1. (5*6)-2 = 28 would be the equation and 28 would be your answer. The product of 5 and 6 would look like this 5*6, and parentheses () just let you know multiplication comes before subtracting the 2. So that is 30. Then take that from 2… but I’m not really sure if you mean take 30 from two meaning that the answer would be a negative number (-28).

    I hope that kinda makes since!

  2. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    First you need to find the product of 5 and 6 so that would be 5×6. Then, you need to take that from 2, meaning you subtract that from 2.You would then get 2-(5×6)


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