Wind farms are a source of renewable energy found around the world. The power P (in kilowatts) generated by a wind turbine varies directly as the cube of the wind speed v (in meters per second). If a turbine generates 700 kW in a 12 m/s wind, how much power does it generate in a 6 m/s wind?

(The formula for P as a power function of v is P = a ⋅ v3.

A. 88 kW

B. 175 kW

C. 125 kW

D. 1050 kW


  1. Answer:

    New power = 88 Kw (Approx.)

    Step-by-step explanation:


    P = a(v³)

    Old power p = 700 Kw

    Old wind speed v = 12 m/s


    New power when v = 6m/s


    P = a(v³)

    700 = a(12³)

    a = 0.4050 m²

    New power = a(v³)

    New power = (0.4050)(6³)

    New power = 87.48

    New power = 88 Kw (Approx.)


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