Wilma works at a bird sanctuary and stores birdseed in plastic containers. She has 3 small containers that hold 8 pounds of birdseed each and 7 large containers that hold 12 pounds of birdseed each. Each container was full until she used 5 pounds of bird seed. She wants to put some of the remaining birdseed into 22 bird feeders that can hold 2 pounds each.

How much birdseed does she have left over?

Complete an expression you can use to find your answer

Wilma has
pounds of birdseed left over.


  1. Answer:The amount of birdseed leftover is 32
    The number of containers is:
    The number of pounds is
    So, the total number of pounds is:
    From the question, 4 pounds were used.
    So, the amount left is:
    She wants to use 30 containers that contain 2 pounds each.
    So, the leftover is:
    Hence, the amount of birdseed leftover is 32
    Step-by-step explanation:


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