(Will give 25 points!) Solve the system of linear equations by substitution. 3x – 2y = 12 and 4x + 2y = 16


  1. Let
    Eq1 : x – 2y = 12
    Eq2 : 4x + 2y = 16
    For substitution, we need to rearrange on of the equations so that we can substitute it in the other. Let’s pick eq2 and rewrite it as 2y = 16 – 4x. We see that eq1 also has 2y in it, so we can plug this new version of eq2 in there.
    3x – (16-4x) = 12
    Now solve for x.
    7x=28, so x=4
    Plug that into either equation to solve for y. You get y=0.
    So your answer is x=4, y=0


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