While in a stream 39 cm deep, they look down into the water and see a craw fish at the bottom. How deep does the stream appear to the student? (nwater = 1.33)


  1. Answer:

    The  depth of stream to the student is  d_1  =  0.2932 \  m


    From the question we are told that

       The actual  depth of the stream is d =  39 \ cm  =  0.39 \ m  

        The  refractive index of the water is  n =  1.33

    Generally the apparent depth of the stream is mathematically represented as

             d_1  =  \frac{d}{1.33}

    substituting values

            d_1  =  \frac{ 0.39}{1.33}

            d_1  =  0.2932 \  m


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