Which step is necessary in verifying that lnB + 3 = −3t is a solution to dB over dt equals negative 3 times B?


  1. The step which is necessary in verifying that lnB + 3 = −3t is a solution to dB/dt = -3B is differentiate the function.

    What is differentiation?

    In mathematics, differentiation is the process of determining the derivative, meaning rate of change, of such a function.
    • In contrast to the abstract character of the theory that underpins it, the actual methodology of differentiation can be performed out using solely algebraic manipulations, employing three basic derivatives, 4 rules of operation, and understanding of how to operate functions.
    • The chain rule takes the more memorable “symbolic cancellation” form in the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s notation, which utilizes d/dx in place of D and so permits differentiation with respect to distinct variables to be made explicit: d(f(g(x)))/dx = df/dg dg/dx.
    Now according to the question; the given function is ;
    lnB + 3 = −3t
    Differentiate the function with respect to t;
    (1/B)(dB/dt) + 0 = -3
    Further simplifying;
    (dB/dt) = -3B which is the requites solution for the function.
    Therefore, to solve the given function differentiation is needed to be done.
    To know more about the differentiation, here


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