Which of the following statements are true about 28?
It can be read as “eight squared.”
It has a power of 256.
It can be written as a multiplication problem with eight factors of 2.
It has an exponent of 2.
It has a power of 128.
It has a base of 2.
It can be read as “two raised to a power of eight


  1. The statement ” It can be read as “eight squared.” It has a power of 256. ” is true. Option A
    This is further explained below.

    What is multiplication?

    Generally, A product in mathematics is either the end result of performing the operation of multiplication or an expression that indicates the elements that are going to be multiplied.
    For instance, 30 is the product of the numbers 6 and 5, while x’s dot product is x multiplied by itself.
    In conclusion, It may also be interpreted as “eight times eight.” It might be interpreted as “two raised to the power of eight,” which is a mathematical expression. It may be expressed as a problem of multiplication with eight factors of 2, as shown below.
    Read more about multiplication


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